Commander''s Open Door Policy

ATCC-FFM-SSM                                                                                                         21 June 2011



MEMORANDUM FOR CADRE and Cadets, University of Southern Mississippi


SUBJECT:  MEMORANDUM #1, Commander’s Open Door Policy



1.  My job is to create an environment and provide the resources that allow every member of this

command to succeed.  I strongly encourage you to take any issues or concerns that you have through the chain of command.  However, if the chain of command is part of the issue or you would rather keep the issue more private, the Open Door Policy is your direct access to the commander.  My door stands open to every cadre member and cadet in this program who wishes to discuss any issue.


2.   Cadre and/or Cadets will schedule appointments through Ms. Dalgleish, at 601-266-4456.  However, if you feel that the issue cannot wait, let her know that it is an urgent matter and we’ll meet ASAP. 


                                                                              Golden Eagles!




                                                                              JOSEPH E. WORLEY, JR.

                                                                              LTC, AG
                                                                              Professor of Military Science