Change Your Major or Add a Minor


Choosing the Right Major for YOU

Choosing a challenging and exciting major that will prepare you for your future career is one of the most important decisions you'll make in college. If you need help figuring it all out, check out How to Choose a Major on the Student Success website.  


Adding a Minor

The right minor can give you a big boost when you start applying for jobs. To see the minors Arts & Letters has to offer, visit Minors Can Be a Major Asset. To view a list of A&L minors by department, visit the university's Degree Plans in the Undergraduate Bulletin.


Changing Your Major

To change your major, add or remove a double major, or add or remove a minor, you'll need to contact the college that houses the major. For any college other than Arts & Letters, please use on of the links below:

If you're changing to one of our Arts & Letters majors, welcome! Read on.


Arts & Letters Change of Major

All A&L changes of major or minor are processed through the College of Arts & Letters via the steps below.

  • Download the appropriate fillable PDF form below. Hard copies of these forms are also available in the A&L Student Services Office, LAB 213.
  • Fill out the form electronically and print it, or request a copy from the Student Services and fill it out by hand.
  • Take the form to the department office of your new major or minor. (The offices are listed on the forms for your convenience.)
  • The Chair or Director will need to sign the form to accept you into the major. If your GPA is lower than the department requires for the major, an advisor will want to meet with you to discuss your progress, and may want you to bring your GPA up before you officially change majors.
  • While you are in the department office, you will want to make an appointment with an academic advisor to discuss how the classes you've already taken can apply to the major, and what classes you should take the following semester.
  • Once the form has been signed, by both you and the Chair, bring it to the A&L Student Services, LAB 213, for processing. 
  • Within two to three days, your major or minor will have officially been changed in SOAR, and you will be assigned a permanent advisor.