College Council


The purpose of College Council is to evaluate and act on proposals related to Academic Affairs in the College of Arts and Letters. Specifically, all curricular changes should be proposed to Academic Council or Graduate Council through the College Council.  Types of proposals include:

➤ Course creation

➤ Course deletion

➤ Course modification

➤ Initiation of online delivery for a course

➤ Change in mode of instruction of a course

➤ GEC addition

➤ GEC deletion

➤ Modification of a degree plan

➤ Addition of modification of a new degree

➤ Addition or modification of a new minor

➤ Addition or modification of an emphasis area

➤ Creation or modification of a Certificate program

➤ Relocation of a degree program, certification, minor, or emphasis area

➤ Suspension of admission to a degree program, certification, minor, or emphasis area


2017-18 Schedule

Proposal submitted to college councilProposal on College Council agenda Proposals approved with modification must be modified and resubmitted  All approved UNDER- GRADUATE proposals will be on Academic Council agenda  (3pm TCC 216)  All approved GRADUATE proposals will be on Graduate Council agenda  (3pm McCain 203)
May 1–September 7 4pm)*Thurs, September 14* Thurs, September 14 (5pm)Mon, October 2Mon, October 16 
September 10–October 5 (4pm)Thurs, October 12 Mon, October 16 Mon, November 6Mon, November 20 
October 6–November 2 (4pm)Thurs, November 9 Mon, November 13Mon, December 4Mon, January 22
November 3– November 21 (4pm)**Thurs, November 30 ** Mon, January 16Mon, February 5 Mon, February 19 
November 22–February 1 (4pm)Thurs, February 8 Mon, February 12 Mon, March 5 Mon, March 19 
February 2–March 1 (4pm)Thurs, March 8 Mon, March 12 Mon, April 2 Mon, April 16 
March 2–April 5 (4pm)Thurs, April 12 Mon, April 16Mon, May 7Mon, May 14 (if called)
After April 
Fall 2018 Fall 2018Fall 2018Fall 2018