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Whether it's brochures used for recruiting or fliers promoting a major or class, the university and college have graphics standards. Here's how you can ensure that your materials look professional and meet the university's standards.



Fliers & Posters: Internal

Fliers and posters (internal pieces) promoting an event or class that would typically be posted to bulletin boards in LAB or across campus can be created by departments and should include:

  • University logo (see below)

  • Department name

  • Professor name and contact information (email and/or phone number)

  • AA/EOE/ADAI at the bottom in 6-pt font


Rack Cards, Brochures & Posters: External

Rack cards, brochures and posters (external pieces) used for promoting a program or event to audiences outside of the Southern Miss community must:

  • Be vetted by University Communications (who will proofread and check for college graphic standards)

  • Include the university logo

  • Include the department name

  • Include contact information (department phone number, website, etc.)

  • AA/EOE/ADAI at the bottom in 6-pt font


Guidelines from University Communications



  • Social Media Dimensions Guide
  • Rack Cards 4" x 9" (4.25" x 9.25" for full bleed), 300 dpi
  • Posters 11x17 (11.25" x 17.25 for full bleed), 300 dpi 
  • Large Posters 18" x 24" (18.25" x 24.25" for full bleed), 300 dpi
  • DMM Slides (for lobby TVs) 18.972" x 10.662", 72 dpi
  • Web Slides (for department home pages) 9.875" x 4.736" at 72 dpi. Remember when making web slides to leave the bottom right clear so words are not obscured by thumbnails. If you want to check to make sure your slide will fit and look good on your department webslide, download this transparent webslide template and place it on top of your slide. It will show you which areas will be obscured and need to be kept free of important information.


Printing Print-Ready Artwork 

Note: If you are creating your own material to be printed through University Communications, please read their tip sheet to ensure your file is in the format required by printers. 

Once you have a print-ready document, you will submit it to University Communications via their print-ready form. You will need your department budget string, the type of paper you want it printed on (typically 80# glossy for posters and postcards), and the date you need to have the artwork in hand. You should allow two weeks for printing and delivery, as University Communications will send your job out for bid to various printers across the country to ensure you get the best deal. You may request quotes for up to three different quantities, and you will have a chance to approve the price before your order is placed.

If your artwork was created by the college or Rise Creative, you should let University Communications know to send any revisions directly to the artist, who can make the revisions and send the artwork back to University Communications directly.

If you have designed something and need help getting it print-ready, please email Danielle Sypher-Haley with the original file (Photoshop, PowerPoint, InDesign, etc.) and she will be happy to help make it print-ready.


University Communications

University Communications has a team of graphic designers who will design print or digital materials for departments free of charge. All materials designed by UC are sent out to bid to various print shops and departments are responsible for all printing costs.

If you are working with University Communications to promote an event, please ask them to create a DMM slide for the Arts & Letters TV screens in LAB so we can be consistent with your event's branding.

For information on how to contact UC and set up a project, please visit their Creative Services page.


Rise Creative

Rise Creative is a student design agency run by Professor John Mark Lawler out of the Department of Art & Design. Rise will design anything you need for a fee, the proceeds of which go to support the department and allow us to bring visiting artists to campus. They do excellent work for a great cause.

To see samples of their work or to schedule a meeting to discuss your needs, please visit the Rise Creative website.


University Logos

Right click image to save as a transparent PNG image for use on internal posters and flyers. If you are designing for external use in a design program like InDesign or Illustrator, please download the university logo vector files.

Black Horizontal
White Horizontal
Black Vertical