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HIS 485 Leadership in Military History

The very idea of leadership is a hot topic both inside and outside of the academy, in areas as diverse as politics, religion, business, and conflict.  Nowhere in history, though, is the question of leadership more laser focused than in wartime.  Suitable for History majors and non majors alike HIS 485 investigates the concept of leadership as it applies to both warfare and combat.  History is replete with the notion that great leaders such as Hannibal or Napoleon win battles and wars, while poor leaders like Hooker or Westmoreland lose battles and wars.  This course will investigate the topic of leadership in conflict across the span of history and at a variety of levels.  Students will investigate wartime leadership at its highest level as a philosophic vision through accessing Sun Tzu and Carl von Clausewitz.  Students will investigate leadership at the political level, looking at leaders as diverse as Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Mao, and Anwar Sadat.  Students will learn of leadership at the field level with Robert E. Lee, Vo Nguyen Giap, and Scipio Africanus.  Finally students will access leadership at perhaps its most meaningful level of young lieutenants and sergeants leading men who had become their brothers into battle. 

Francophone Civilization

Francophone Civilization will focus on the history and issues of French colonialization in West and North Africa and the impact of immigration from these regions in France today. To tell this story, this course will integrate film, documentaries, music, and literature.


PS 331 World Politics

Theories of conflict and cooperation among states in the international system.

GER 305 Conversation and Composition

Read a thrilling tale about three brash young men who set out with the intention of killing Death, or a story about a group of animals who run away from their cruel owners to join the symphony orchestra. Toss in the greatest hits of the Brothers Grimm and some grammar, discussion and written commentary to increase your understanding and enjoyment—and you have German 305, Conversation and Composition.


PLS 383 Legal Research

A summary of primary and secondary legal sources including reporters, digests, codes, citations, Westlaw, the Internet and other basic research materials.


PLS 382 Civil Litigation

An introduction to civil litigation — the process of resolving disputes between individuals, businesses and government through the court system, with emphasis on procedure.


PS 421 Political Theory Hobbes to Nietzsche

A study of modern political theory, focusing on selected theorists (e.g., Hobbes, Rousseau, Marx, and Nietzche) and topics such as anarchism and socialism.


PS 409 Southern Politics

An examination of the politics and political culture of the southern states.

ECO 450 Intro to Econometrics

Specification, estimation and interpretation of econometric models.


PS 480 Constitution Law

The course is one of two political science courses to study the United States Constitution and the United States Supreme Court.  This course examines the powers of the national and state governments and the relationship between the levels of government using Supreme Court decisions and historical and political background as context. 


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