Notes on Design

Whether it's brochures used for recruiting or fliers promoting a major or class, the university and college have graphics standards. Here's a quick breakdown of those standards.


Fliers & Posters: Internal

Fliers and posters (internal pieces) promoting an event or class that would typically be posted to bulletin boards in LAB or across campus can be created by departments and should include:

  • University logo (see below)

  • Department name

  • Professor name and contact information (email and/or phone number)



Rack Cards, Brochures & Posters: External

Rack cards, brochures and posters (external pieces) used for promoting a program or event to audiences outside of the Southern Miss community must:

  • Be vetted by the A&L Communications Team (who will proofread and check for college graphic standards)

  • Include the university logo

  • Include the department name

  • Include contact information (department phone number, website, etc.)


If you need help with the design and production of an external piece, contact the A&L PR Office for guidance. We are here to help.


Guidelines from University Communications



  • Social Media Dimensions Guide
  • Rack Cards 4" x 9" (4.25" x 9.25" for full bleed), 300 dpi
  • Posters 11x17 (11.25" x 17.25 for full bleed), 300 dpi 
  • Large Posters 18" x 24" (18.25" x 24.25" for full bleed), 300 dpi
  • DMM Slides (for lobby TVs) 18.972" x 10.662", 72 dpi
  • Web Slides (for department home pages) 9.875" x 4.736" at 72 dpi. Remember when making web slides to leave the bottom right clear so words are not obscured by thumbnails. If you want to check to make sure your slide will fit and look good on your department webslide, download this transparent webslide template and place it on top of your slide. It will show you which areas will be obscured and need to be kept free of important information.


University Logos

Right click image to save as a transparent PNG image for use on posters and flyers

Black Horizontal
White Horizontal
Black Vertical