Setting a Course for Our Future

Strategic planning is institutional self-definition. It clarifies relative strengths and weaknesses, it articulates strategic intent consistent with historical values and traditions, and it takes into account the external realities that provide new opportunities and challenges. What emerges is a blueprint to guide our future work.

In this document we will build on previous conversations at the institutional level and from the document that emerged during the UPC College Priority Committee charge. This site will keep you up to date on the progression of our strategic planning and will also be a source of communication as together we develop ideas and initiatives that will shape and strengthen our College in the coming decade.

The plan we’ll craft for A&L will position us for future distinction. It will help us make necessary choices among a variety of “good” outcomes, drive future budgets, and allow us to track our progress. Our strategic plan will also eventually serve as a programmatic base for College fundraising.

Consistent with my belief regarding governance and communication from my office, our planning process will be transparent and inclusive. We want to draw on the wisdom of the entire College community. There is no pre-ordained result; the plan will emerge from our shared dialogue. As we move through this process, we shall pose tough questions and seek consensus on priorities. I am confident we will emerge with a strategic plan that will allow us to address our most pressing needs and will ensure that we continue to be an exemplar of a great liberal and performing arts college.

Steven R. Moser, Dean