Welcome to the College of Arts & Letters, a remarkable place of scholarship and learning in the humanities, the social sciences, and the fine and performing arts. Nearly 230 faculty and over 3000 students study from within our walls. The College of Arts & Letters is the primary provider of Southern Miss' general education core curriculum. 


College of Arts & LettersThe College of Arts and Letters preserves, advances, and disseminates knowledge in the arts, humanities, and social sciences by instilling and nurturing intellectual curiosity and supporting scholarly and creative research within and across diverse disciplines. Through its foundational disciplines the College plays a crucial role in preparing a diverse student body for lives as responsible and engaged citizens by enhancing cultural awareness, moral and aesthetic sensitivity, ethical reflection and a love of learning. The College prepares university graduates who are nimble, adaptable, creative, and able to respond to ever-changing global circumstances and environments.


The College of Arts and Letters is committed to excellence at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. Our scholars in the social sciences, humanities, and the fine and performing arts serve our communities and professions locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.