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College of Arts and Sciences

College Curriculum Committee

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The CAS Curriculum Committee (CCC) meets at 9:30am on the first Friday of the month in the Liberal Arts Building, Room 209 (Harper Conference Room).

Preparation of Proposals

GEC proposals must follow the Undergraduate Bulletin information under General Education Curriculum in the Degree Programs.

All degree plan and minor plan modifications or proposals should adhere to the Degree/Minor Plan Guidelines. Programs making significant changes to  degree/minor plans are invited to schedule a consultation in the dean's office regarding predicted implementation through the DPR prior to proposal submission. 

Proposals are submitted and reviewed through the Curriculog curriculum management system.

Submission Deadlines

In order to appear on the CAS Curriculum Committee agenda for any given meeting, all materials must be received by the Dean's office through Curriculog by the deadline below.

If your submission is approved by the CAS Curriculum Committee, it will be submitted to appear on the agenda of the next Academic Council or Graduate Council meeting as shown below.   

2019-2020 Schedule

College Curriculum
Proposal Deadline
College Curriculum

Academic Council Proposal Deadline
Profess. Education
Academic Council Meeting
Graduate Council Proposal Deadline
Graduate Council Meeting

Due by
4:00 pm

9:30am in LAB 209

Due by
9:00 am

3:00pm in OMH 107

3:00 pm in TCC 216

Due by
9:00 am

3:00 pm in McCain Library 203

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