Predental Externship

Most dental schools require that applicants have a series of up-close, hands-on experiences with several dentists. So please take advantage of this shadowing opportunity!

The Predental Externship comprises a one-credit course designed to assist preprofessional students to become more competitive applicants to professional school by providing a hands-on experience in the dental field, so the student will become familiar with the sights, sounds, smells, and feel of this profession.

The Predental Externship is available during the Fall semester of each academic year. Students meet as a group during the first several weeks and again near the end of the semester to learn about and discuss some basic issues that health-care providers face including, but not limited to, the patient-dentist relationship, confidentiality of healthcare records, professional conduct, professional dress, and legal and ethical matters.

Rising Sophomores and Juniors are encouraged to apply. Seniors may also participate but students typically apply to dental school during the summer between the Junior and Senior years.

All students undergo a mandatory orientation session through Forrest General Hospital to learn what is expected of them as externs. Each student completes at least 20 hours of shadowing during the semester.

In order to participate in the predental externship students must:

  • have successfully completed (minimum grade of C in each course) the following prerequisite courses
    – ENG 101 and ENG 102
    – BSC 110/L and BSC 111/L
    – CHE 106/L and CHE 107/L
    – (MAT 101 and MAT 103) OR (MAT 114 or MAT 167)
  • have a minimum overall GPA of 3.2 and a minimum GPA of 3.2 in the above required courses
  • have a recent (less than 6 months old) negative Tuberculosis skin test
  • have completed the Hepatitis B vaccination series
  • undergo a criminal history background check

Student Learning Outcomes
After successful completion of the externship students will:

  • have a greater understanding of day to day events in a clinical or professional setting
  • have a greater understanding of patient-dentist trust and confidentiality and of professional ethics
  • have written documentation about one dental exposure to be used on their professional school application

Externship Application Form

Helpful Link
AADSAS website  “How are applicants evaluated for Dental School?"

For more information about the Predental Externship, please contact:

Preprofessional Office
Dr. Jeffrey Evans, Preprofessional Advisor
Phone: 601-266-6848
Office location: Bobby Chain Technology Center (TEC 100)

College of Arts and Sciences
118 College Dr. #5004
Hattiesburg, MS 39406-0001