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GIT Certificate

Geographic Information Technology, also known as Geographic Information Systems, is the use of computer systems to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present all types of spatial or geographical data. GIS has many applications related to engineering, planning, management, transport and logistics, insurance, telecommunications, and business. More information about jobs in GIT can be found here. The GIT Certificate is a value-added asset to many college majors including, but not limited to, anthropology, biology, business, construction technology, criminal justice, geography, geology, history, ocean science and many others. Credit can be earned at either the undergraduate or graduate level.

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Requirements for a Certificate in Geographic Information Technology

The Certificate in Geographic Information Technology is a professional curriculum that prepares students to employ geographic information effectively for solution of problems in many fields. The certificate program is open to both resident degree candidates and practitioners who need to update and formalize their knowledge pertaining to use of geographic information and who comply with either traditional or nontraditional admission requirements of the university as specified in the Bulletin. Students may complete the certificate program with or without being admitted to a specific degree program. Students should declare their intent to complete the certificate program in a letter to the Department of Geography before completing six (6) credit hours of the courses required for the Certificate.

To earn the Certificate, students are required to complete:

(1) a minimum of 16 credit hours (4 courses) from GHY 411, 412, 417, 418, 467, 468, 469 (and their accompanying laboratory sections) and, (2) a directed individual project for one (1) credit hour of GHY 494, with grades of B or better. These courses may be taken by the student as part of a degree major or minor or as a suite of electives. Students may complete the certificate curriculum by taking the courses in any combination of either physical or virtual classrooms.

For more information please contact:

George Raber, Ph.D.
Coordinator, GIT Certificate Program
Department of Geography
The University of Southern Mississippi
(601) 266-5807

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