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Mario Marset

Mario Marset

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• Major:  Sociology
• Hometown: Sevilla, Spain
• Currently: Pursuing an M.Sc. in International Migration and Public Policy at the London School of Economics

Why did you decide to choose a minor in Black Studies?

I partly chose Southern Miss among other universities due to its Center for Black Studies and the minor degree offered. As a sociology major interested in immigration it was essential to become acquainted with the history and structural inequality of people of color. USM has an array of alumni who are prominent figures in the Civil Rights Movement, such as Clyde Kennard. This proved to be an ideal environment for my learning.

What course(s) did you take at USM that enhanced your interests in Black Studies? If possible, identify the instructor as well.

At USM, I took a number of courses that developed my interest in Black Studies across different disciplines. Dr. Ery Shin's course on ethnic literature was the best course outside of my discipline. She taught us to critically evaluate texts and approach literature as a shared and first-hand experience to make sense of. 

How did minoring in Black Studies enhance your major studies at USM?

Minoring in Black Studies provided not only the intellectual curiosity but also the sensibility and awareness for racial inequality. In my major, sociology, I took Dr. Karen Kozlowski's course in Sociology of Education where I learned more about unequal access, quality, and levels of education in the United States.

How might Black Studies influence your future career?

In my research on immigrant communities’ migration flows, racial and ethnic backgrounds always prove to be a key component of their struggles for fair treatment. Black Studies at USM taught me to continue to explore ways in which perception of race and ethnicity may be determinants for outcome differences for asylum seekers and other displaced communities. 




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