Lawrence Patihis

Assistant Professor


Professor Patihis will be accepting applications for a doctoral graduate student for Fall 2019 admissions

Curriculum Vitae

Cognition and Memory Lab

Research Interests

Memory distortions and related issues, including the following: Memory of parents, memory of past emotions, trauma and memory, dissociation, repression, consequential beliefs about how memory works, memory malleability, false memories, and eyewitness memory.

Courses Taught

  • Cognition and Emotion (PSY 716; graduate seminar)
  • Research Methods (PSY 361)
  • Cognitive Psychology (PSY 425; undergraduate lecture)
  • Cognitive Processes (PSY 725; graduate seminar)
  • General Psychology (PSY 110)

Recent Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications

Google Scholar Profile

Patihis, L., & Pendergrast, M. H. (in press). Reports of recovered memories in therapy, informed consent, and generalizability: Response to commentaries. Clinical Psychological Science. doi:10.1177/2167702618804206

Patihis, L., Cloud*, P., & Nguyen*, K. (in press). Lessons for future research: Two experiments failed to reproduce a relationship between achievement motivation and autobiographical memory distortion. Journal of Cognitive Psychology.

Patihis, L., Ho*, L. Y., Loftus, E. F., & Herrera*, M. E. (in press). Memory experts' beliefs about repressed memory. Memory.

Patihis, L., Herrera*, M. E., Huff, M. J., & Arnau, R. C. (in press). Memory of Love towards Parents Questionnaire: Development and psychometric evaluation. Psychological Reports.

Patihis, L. (in press). The benefits of considering individual differences in cognitive psychology, with the example of superior memory: Commentary on Logie (2018). Journal of Applied Research in Memory and Cognition.

Merckelbach, H., & Patihis, L. (in press). Why "Trauma-Related Dissociation" is a Misnomer in Courts: A Critical Analysis of Brand et al. (2017a, b). Psychological Injury & Law. (link)

Patihis, L., & Pendergrast, M. H. (in press). Reports of recovered memories of abuse in therapy in a large age-representative U.S. national sample: Therapy type and decade comparisons. Clinical Psychological Science. First Published Online May 31, 2018 (link)

Patihis, L., Jackson*, C. E., Diaz*, J. C., Stepanova, E. V., & Herrera*, M. E. (in press). Black American college students report higher memory of love for mothers in childhood than White students. Psychological Reports. Article first published online: April 26, 2018. (link to article)

Patihis, L. (2018). The historical significance of the discovery of long term potentiation: An overview and evaluation for non-experts. American Journal of Psychology, 131, 369–380. doi:10.5406/amerjpsyc.131.3.0369 (link to preprint; link to journal)

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Patihis, L., Ho, L. Y., Tingen, I. W., Lilienfeld, S. O., & Loftus, E. F. (2014). Are the “memory wars” over? A scientist-practitioner gap in beliefs about repressed memory. Psychological Science, 25, 519–530. (link to article)

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Book Entries or Chapters

Patihis, L., Cruz, C. S., & McNally, R. J. (in press). Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). In V. Zeigler-Hill & T. K. Shackelford (Eds.) Encyclopedia of Personality & Individual Differences. New York, NY: Springer. (link to article)

Wylie, L. E., Patihis, L., McCuller, L. L., Davis, D., Brank, E. M., Loftus, E. F., & Bornstein, B. H. (in press). Misinformation effects in older versus younger adults: A meta-analysis and review. In M. P. Toglia, D. F. Ross, J. Pozzulo, & E. Pica (Eds) The Elderly Eyewitness in Court, UK: Taylor & Francis. (link to article)

Recent Selected Peer-Reviewed Conference Talks

Patihis, L. (2014, May). A scientist-practitioner gap in beliefs about repressed memory. In L. Patihis (Chair), New developments in science and pseudoscience in psychology. Symposium conducted at the Association of Psychological Science 26th Annual Convention, San Francisco, CA.

Patihis, L. (2013, May). Memory distortions in people with highly superior autobiographical memory. In E. F. Loftus (Chair) Remaking memory: New advances in false memory research. Symposium conducted at the Association of Psychological Science 25th Annual Convention, Washington, D.C.

Recent Selected Peer-Reviewed Conference Poster Presentations

Patihis, L., Herrera, M. E., Huff, M. J., & Arnau, R. C. (2017, May). Development and psychometrics of the Memory of Love for Parents Questionnaire. Poster session presented at the Association for Psychological Science 29th Annual Convention, Boston, MA.

Jackson, C., Cruz, C.S., Herrera, M., Fennell, R., Thomas, H., Strickland, J., Reeves, S., & Patihis, L. (2017, Apr). The distortion of memory of love. Poster session presented at the annual Undergraduate Symposium. University of Southern Mississippi, MS.

Diaz, J., Holston, L., Ward, C., Henley, T., Herrera, M., Cruz, C. S., Patihis, L. (2017, Mar). Relationship between current success and memory of love of parents. Poster session presented at the Southeastern Psychological Association 64th Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA.

Patihis, L., Jackson, C., Holston, L., Barrios, L., & Lynn, S. J. (2016, May).Psychometrics of Dissociation Scales and Their Relation to Trauma. Poster session presented at the Association of Psychological Science 28th Annual Convention, Chicago, Illinois.

Younes, H., Cloud, P., & Patihis, L. (2014, May). Possible evidence of false memories in psychotherapy before 1980. Poster session presented at the Association of Psychological Science 26th Annual Convention, San Francisco, CA.

Place, P. J., Cloud, P., & Patihis, L. (2014, May). Cumulative potential trauma exposure as a predictor of past negative time perspective. Poster session presented at the Association of Psychological Science 26th Annual Convention, San Francisco, CA.

Patihis, L., Frenda, S. J., & Loftus, E. F. (2012, May). Memory distortions: Individual differences and paradigm comparisons. Poster session presented at the Association of Psychological Science 24th Annual Convention, Chicago, Illinois.