Tammy Greer

Associate Professor


Research Interests

Use of Alternative Therapies such as yoga and meditation for stress reduction; Impact of religiosity on attitudes and behaviors; Using Monte-Carlo simulation techniques to model behavior of statistics when assumptions are violated.


Current Teaching

Introduction to Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences (PSY 360)
Quantitative Methods I and II (PSY 662 & 663) 
Psychology of Religion (PSY 457)


Recent Publications

Sloan, P.A., Berman M.E., Zeigler-Hill, V., Greer, T.F., & Mae, L. (in press).Group norms and self-aggressive behavior. Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology.

Greer, T., Dunlap, W. P., Hunter, S. (in press). Skew and internal consistency. Journal of Applied Psychology.

Greer, T., Berman, M., Varan, V., Bobryki, L., & Watson, S. (2005). We are a religious people; We are a vengeful people. Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion.

Watson, S., McCoy, J., Stavisky, R., Greer, T., & Handbury, D. (2005). Cortisol response to relocation stress in Garnett’s Bushbaby (Otolemur garnettii). Contempory Topics in Laboratory Animal Science.

Giancola, P.R., White, H.R., Berman, M.E., McCloskey, M.S., Greer, T., Widom, C.S., Chermack, S.T., Leonard, K.E., Collins, R.L., & Quigley, B.M. (2003). Diverse research on alcohol and aggression in humans: In memory of John A. Carpenter. Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, 27, 198-208.

Greer, T., Dunlap, W. P., Beatty, G. (2003). A Monte Carlo evaluation of the tetrachoric correlation coefficient. Educational and Psychological Measurement.

Baños, J. H., Dickson, A. L., & Greer, T. (2001) A computer-assisted administration of the Continuous Visual Memory Test. The Clinical Neuropsychologist, 15, 551-555.

Dunlap, W. P., Brody, C. J., Greer, T. (2000). Canonical correlation and Chi-Square: Relationships and interpretation. Journal of General Psychology, 127, 341-353.

Recent Presentations

Smith, A., Greer, T., Watson, S., Abraham, J. (2005). Use of Yoga for the Treatment of Distress. American Psychological Society, LosAngeles, CA.

Greer, T., Varan, V., & Berman, M. (2002). Relation between Spiritual Experiences, Attitudes/Behaviors and Religious Coping, Volunteering, and Vengeance. American Psychological Society, New Orleans, LA.

Berman, M., McCloskey, M. S., & Greer, T. (2002). Alcohol Intoxication and Self-Aggressive Behavior in Humans. Research Society on Alcohol, San Francisco, CA.

Berman, M.E., McCloskey, M.S., Coccaro, E.F., & Greer, T. (2002). Gender, Testosterone, and Human Aggression. American Psychological Association, Chicago, IL.

Avis, K. T., Olmi, J., Greer, T., Wilczynski, S. M. (2000). ADHD and Working Memory: Is it Working? An Evaluation of Children's Performance on the Children's Memory Scale. National Association of School Psychologists, Washington, D.C.