British Studies Classes

Where are our classes held?

The British Studies Program classes are held in traditional classrooms and in streets. They are held in museums, in hostel lobbies and in cafes. Be prepared for class each day by scouting out weather conditions and the likelihood of rain or other inclement weather. You will want to have a raincoat, umbrella and good shoes.

Do my British Studies classes all transfer back to my home school? Is this a good program to go on for me if I am not from Southern Miss or one of the other main British Studies schools?

All British Studies courses are worth six (6) semester credit hours and transfer out of USM to any university or college in the USA. Speak to your academic advisor at your home institution for more details on how the credit will transfer.

Are British Studies classes harder than normal classes back home?

British Studies classes are intense and require a great deal of academic work from students every day. Yet the ratio of students to professors - about 10 to 1 - allows for a high degree of academic interplay among learners with their faculty.