British Studies Student Life

What will it be like living and learning in London? Is it safe?

London is known to be among the most exciting, dynamic and safe urban centers in the world. Public transportation abounds, and the famous Tube is never far away. We will walk you all over the city, too, just like Brits do every day. While we will remind you regularly about basic safety guidelines for life in major urban areas, London and Europe generally are known to be far safer than our own cities in the USA.

What will my class schedule be like on the British Studies Program?

We do not keep a "normal" academic calendar on the British Studies Program. Your academic calendar will be posted for you to review and plan around well before we leave for Europe, but do not be surprised to find your classes sometimes meeting on Saturday, but not meeting on Thursday or Friday. Similarly, there may be days when your class meets for a couple of hours and other days when your class will meet all day and well into the evening.

Is there WiFi at the British Studies dorm or at other important places we will go and see in Europe?

Yes, but be prepared to use facebook and the Internet in general less than you do at home. Not only will your classes and travel plans keep you busy, but the cities will call loudly to you and ask you to leave your room, get out and meet your new neighborhoods!

Should I take my U.S. phone on the British Studies Program? What about my laptop?

Whether you want to bring your phone to Europe depends a lot on the kind of costs you will have to incur in order to do so. Contact your U.S. cell carrier and find out about what plan you can get for basic coverage overseas in case of an emergency. Remember, when you have access to WiFi that you will be able to access skype and facetime with any tablet or laptop you bring along. This may make having your phone in Europe an expense you can do without.

Does the program price include meals?


If I get sick on the British Studies program or something happens to me health wise, what do I do?

Our faculty and staff will help you to get medical attention. We will offer you help remotely if a medical issue arises while you are traveling. You are also enrolled in HTH Worldwide travel insurance. 

How safe will we be in general while we are in our cities and traveling?

British Studies will ask you to take your own safety very seriously. Our professors and staff will work with you over the course of your four weeks to think carefully and smartly about how to be safe when you are on your own. We will help you to understand how to be safe in a group, how to manage yourself in cafes and bars, where to watch for possible safety issues and how to make careful travel plans. Our goal will be to teach you awareness and vigilance, as you move with us and prepare to travel on your mini break. Beyond the counsel and coaching you will get from us, British Studies will also insist that you carefully fill out our "away" travel forms, so we know where you are going when you do travel. Finally, we will counsel you carefully about what to do in the event of any international incident that might occur while you are traveling.