The Geography of Great Britain

This course is for the adventurer at heart! Students will be given the opportunity to experience and study the both the past and present physical landscapes of Great Britain. The course starts with an analysis of the geological development of Great Britain and an examination of its past environments and natural resources. Climate and landscape change will also be a focus as students learn how this landmass has evolved through time. Then, students will study the human development of Great Britain and how the physical landscape and environment helped to shape this process, starting with the Romans and leading up to present day. Field trips and excursions will take the class through England, Scotland, and Wales, as we explore the different landscapes of Great Britain. Please note that we will spend most days outside the classroom, learning through a series of outdoor exercises, walking tours, field trips, and excursions. While in the field, the class maintains a rigorous schedule with some early days and long evenings. Some strenuous walking/hiking is required!


Please note that this course requires an excursion to Scotland held during the mini-break at a $300 supplemental fee in addition to the program cost. 


Course details

  • GHY 499CA or GHY 599CA (6 semester hours)
  • Prerequisite: Consent of Instructor



Carl "Andy" Reese, Ph.D.

Professor of Geography

Department of Geography and Geology

The University of Southern Mississippi