Graphic Design: Thinking Visually

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This course will focus on graphic design and it’s contribution and influence on culture. Students will study design and it’s applications from information graphics to street art and learn about graphic design problem solving and approaches in London and Paris. There will lectures and type walks, on-site studio visits to studios and agencies to learn about their design thinking and creative process, as well as historic design research at various institutions and libraries. Daily tours of major sites, museums and neighborhoods will broaden the students London experience. These experiences work towards building a well-rounded understanding of culture, the graphic design that influences it and a deepening of the students’ visual well. A four day trip to Paris will be taken at mid semester with site-based lectures at well known Parisian sites and museums. Students will document their assignment findings and imagery on the course blog, research and collect information to produce projects during the course and upon return. Students are required to have a phone with camera capabilities.

Course details

  • ART 499/599 (6 semester hours)
  • LondonAWAY! experience:Paris for 4 nights
  • Prerequisite: Consent of Instructor

Meet the Instructor

Dr. Lee Whitmarsh









Dr. Lee Whitmarsh
Texas A&M University, Commerce

Lee Whitmarsh is an Assistant Professor and the Director of Visual Communication with Texas A&M University-Commerce. She has taught in the Visual Communication area for over twenty years. She received her MFA in Design Communication from Texas State University, holds a Masters of Science in New Media and a BFA in Communication Design. Lee teaches applications, branding, publication design and the portfolio class. She lives just south of Dallas with her daughter Grace and the world's biggest goldfish, George.