Travel and British Studies

When are our two free travel times and what do we do on them?

Travel breaks on the British Studies Program occur on the weekends, and during the mini break. The first of these periods is called WeekendExplore!, and there will be multiple options for you to think about with this time. We offer supplemental day trips to Dover, Canterbury, Stonehenge and other great places.  On mini break, you can make your own plans and do your own trip, usually with new friends from the British Studies Program, or you can attend a supplemental trip to Edinburgh. You are also welcome to stay in London during the mini-break and continue to explore your new home. Please note that the Geography class has a required excursion to Scotland held during the mini break. 

What is a visa and do I need one to study on the British Studies program?

A visa is a government document that allows you to live, study and sometimes work overseas for an extended period of time. As the British Studies Program will not exceed 90 days in Europe, you do not need a visa.

How difficult is it to learn how to travel in Europe if I've never done it before?

Travel in Europe is easy to figure out and affordable to execute. Take a look at just to get a quick idea about the range of travel destinations you can choose with the train as your mode of transport.

What about flying around Europe? Do people do that a lot or do they mostly use trains?

The UK and Europe are now linked all over with low cost air service, so many students now travel both by trains and by plane. If you are planning to travel longer distances during your travel time, paying for a plane ticket may be your best choice. The following sites can help you get an idea of the options and prices available for air travel - Ryan Air, Easy Jet, Aerlingus.

Where will I stay when I travel on my own?

There are hostels all over Europe, and students can stay in them for usually not much more than $25 a night, sometimes less and sometimes more. Faculty or staff on the British Studies can help you learn how to book hostels and figure out the most inexpensive ways to use them well. Start with some of these helpful websites to scout out accommodations while you're traveling -,,