Fee Payment

Minimum Payment

One-half of a student's tuition, room and board, and fees will be required for students to charge to their student accounts.  Students with university loans, grants or scholarships may use those funds as payment for the first half of total fees.

Loans, grants and scholarship checks made payable to the university must be applied to charges in full before a refund or change can be given. These loans, grants and scholarships may not be used to pay prior semester outstanding balances.


Deferred Fees

Fees deferred past the last day to register each term will be billed monthly.  A monthly finance charge of 1.5% will be applied to the unpaid balance as of the due date. All accounts must be paid in full for a student to pre-register for future semester courses. All charges for a term must be paid by the end of the term to avoid a $100 Late Payment Fee and cancellation of pre-registered classes for the upcoming semester.

Classes may be dropped and the $100 Late Payment Fee assessed if a check which prevented class cancellation is returned.


Delinquent Accounts/Collection Costs

The University reserves the right to withhold readmission of a student until all delinquent accounts have been paid.  Transcripts of credits will not be issued for students who owe a balance to the University.  All fees must be paid before a degree will be awarded.  Payments by personal check on delinquent accounts will be sent for collection before transcripts will be released.  To avoid any delay in receiving these documents, payments can be made by cash, cashier’s check or money order.

By registering for classes, a student agrees to the terms and conditions in the AGREEMENT TO PAY as posted in SOAR including but not limited to the following:

  • The student entered a legally binding contract to pay all tuition, fees and related expenses.

  • The student is liable for all collection costs and attorney fees that Southern Miss may incur to collect any unpaid balance on the student account.


Returned Check Fee

If a check is returned to The University, the student's account will be charged a $30 Returned Check Fee. This policy applies to paper checks and eChecks used online through SOAR. Once a check has been returned, a check will not be accepted as a form of payment on that student's account for one-year after the returned check date. If a student has two returned checks on their account, a check will not be allowed as a form of payment in the future.


Installment Payment Plan

The University is pleased to announce we are now offering an Installment Payment Plan to students. The payment plan will allow student account balances to be paid in three equal installments for both Fall and Spring semesters and two equal installments for the Summer semester.

  • The plan is managed by a third party, CashNet.
  • A non-refundable enrollment fee of $35 will be assessed by CashNet each semester a student enrolls in a payment plan.
  • Students can enroll in the payment plan by clicking the "Make a Payment" link on their SOAR account. Available plans will be listed under Installment Payment Plans.
  • The payment plan balance will be divided into three equal payments for Fall and Spring semesters and two equal payments for the Summer semester due on the 5th of the month.
  • Payment plans are semester specific therefore, students must enroll each semester if they wish to participate.
  • Prior term balances must be paid in order to be eligible for a payment plan.
  • The total budget amount for the payment plan includes current charges less anticipated aid for the payment plan semester.
  • Due to federal fee regulations, there is a minimum balance requirement to qualify for the payment plan. If the payment plan is not displayed as a payment option, your balance does not meet this minimum requirement.
  • If a student incurs additional charges after signing up for the payment plan, the extra amount will be added to the payment plan balance and divided evenly between the remaining payments. Students must agree to the new amount before payments can be processed.
  • Students will have the following payment options: Debit/Credit Card (will be charged a 2.75% processing fee), e-Check (no fee) and Auto Pay (applicable fees still apply).
  • All students, regardless of participation in a payment plan, must meet a minimum payment amount in order to charge at the bookstore using a student ID. This amount can be found in SOAR under the Financials section of the Student Center.
  • Students enrolled in a payment plan will not receive monthly bills from USM.
  • CashNet will send monthly payment reminders to students enrolled in the payment plan.
  • Students who are enrolled in the payment plan will be able to pre-register for the upcoming semester.
  • Payment plan payments must be made online through the student's SOAR account. Students will not be able to pay installment payments in the office or by mail.
  • Students enrolled in the payment plan will not be charged monthly late fees by USM if payments are made to CashNet on time.
  • A $10 late fee will be assessed by CashNet when a payment becomes 15 days late.
  • Students will be removed from the payment plan and charged any applicable late fees when two consecutive payments are missed.