Letter from VP for Finance and Administration

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August 13, 2013




New and Returning Students:


As you prepare to begin classes in the Fall Semester at the University of Southern Mississippi, I want to take this opportunity to welcome you to campus.  We are excited that you have chosen to become part of our campus community, and we will do all we can to help you achieve your goal of degree completion.

Financing your education and managing the costs of attendance are an important aspect of college life.  An essential element of keeping an accurate record of your expenses and payments on campus is the establishment and appropriate use of a student account with the University.  To help you understand how your student account may be used, we are sending you this notification in advance of your arrival on campus.  While we want to make your campus account as user-friendly as possible, we also want to avoid overuse of the account for non-essential items.

With these thoughts in mind, there are three groups of allowable expenses for which your student account may be used.  First, there are items that will be automatically generated and posted by the University to your account; they are:

Tuition and fees related to your registration; and

Housing, meal plans, and a post office box related to your room assignment.

Second, there are bookstore and dining services charges that may be posted to your account, but only after your minimum payment (i.e., 50% of tuition, room, board and fees) has been met.  If the minimum payment has been made, the following amounts are the maximum allowable expenses that may be billed to your student account each semester:

$150 – OTHER (general merchandise)

$200 – BOOKSTORE  (can be combined with OTHER for a total of $350)

$550 – TEXTBOOKS (can be combined with OTHER and BOOKSTORE for a total of $900)

Voluntary meal plans and dining dollars (up to $500)

The maximum that may be charged to your student account for bookstore and dining services expenses combined is $1,400 per semester.

 Last, the final group of allowable charges to your student account will be posted to your account only if they are not paid to the respective departments when you are notified to do so:

Library Fines

Parking Fines - (Note:  Vehicle booting and/or towing charges will not be charged to student accounts.  See www.usm.edu/parking for additional information.)

Housing Damages

Unpaid medical claims/prescriptions


Please feel free to contact the Business Office (601-266-4137 or business.services@usm.edu) if we can assist you with questions regarding your account, and best wishes for a successful new academic year.



Dr. Douglas H. Vinzant