Miscellaneous Expenses

Telephone Services

Student phone service is included in the housing rate and includes the following features: area calling, auto callback, call transfer (on campus only), call waiting, conference calls, hold, voicemail, call forwarding/cancel, redial, and send all calls to voicemail. Learn More

Post Office Box

The post office box fee is assessed for all students living in university-controlled housing. Those students living off campus may rent a post office box if they so desire. Learn More

Student ID Card

The ID card is a PERMANENT card for each student. The fall semester ID card will also be used for spring and summer semesters each year. The same card must be kept, revalidated, and used even when returning from a previous semester. Do not destroy, lose, bend, or tamper with an ID card.

There is a one time $11 Student ID Fee charged to incoming Freshmen, Transfers, and New Graduate students. The replacement fee for a Student ID card is $25.

Parking Permit

Students who operate a vehicle on university-controlled property, regularly or occasionally, will be required to purchase a Department of Parking Management parking permit.  Any vehicle parked on university-controlled property must display a valid parking permit. Learn More

Wellness Education Fee

First time, full time, freshmen on the Hattiesburg campus are charged a $25 Wellness Education Fee for wellness programming aimed at key health issues for college students.

Orientation Fee

A $100 course fee will be charged to students enrolled in Hattiesburg GS 100 classes.  This course is the new student orientation for students.  The course includes summer Preview, an extended pre-fall orientation (GEWW) and a year-long online orientation.


This is not an exhaustive list of miscellaneous expenses and amounts are subject to change without notice.