2013-14 Annual Report

2013-14 CoB Annual ReportThe purpose of this ANNUAL REPORT (.pdf) is to highlight the progress of the College of Business (CoB) at The University of Southern Mississippi for the 2013-14 academic year. For the CoB, progress is a mission-driven concept so the accomplishments are provided in relation to the vision, mission and goals. The theme for 2013-14 is illustrated by the concept of business success—redefined. This concept is exemplified by the following statement:

At the Southern Miss College of Business, we believe business success is measured not only in terms of how well you do for yourself, but also in terms of how you affect the people in the world around you. We understand the value of a dollar when it is invested well, and we know that business can change people and communities for the better. We are committed to guiding the next generation of leaders toward this view of business success.

Several milestones and initiatives from this past year demonstrate our commitment to redefining business success. The CoB developed a new graduate certificate program in business foundations and a new look for marketing materials. Working collaboratively, members of the Advisory Council(s) and Board(s) interacted with students and faculty for discussions of careers, projects and life after college. Faculty members reviewed assessment of learning measures and processes, mentored students, and had an impact on the Gulf South region through projects and outreach. The CoB also implemented a Certiport Certification Center and focused on student skills with Excel, while we ensured that members of our community could also achieve certification in the Microsoft Office suite of products. We set the stage to offer the MBA and general business degrees in an online delivery format and revised the foundation requirements for the MBA program. It was a busy year filled with progress and the quieter moments of learning and scholarship that define this exceptional faculty and place.