Gulf Coast Campus

The University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Coast Campus

The University of Southern Mississippi’s College of Business provides educational opportunities to citizens of the Mississippi Gulf Coast through its Gulf Park Campus, Long Beach Business Complex. All degree requirements for students seeking a BSBA in accounting are normally met at the Gulf Park site. Historically, approximately 27 percent of all students receiving a BSBA in Accounting attend classes at the Gulf Park campus. The SoA accounting curriculum and course requirements are unitary in nature; whether courses are taught at Gulf Park or in Hattiesburg, the same standards affecting faculty teaching and student learning are applicable. While three full-time accounting faculty members residing in the Gulfport area are currently assigned to the Gulf Park campus, other accounting faculty members commute from Hattiesburg to provide complete coverage of the BSBA accounting curriculum. As many of the Coast students attend on a part-time basis, Gulf Park course scheduling considers the constraints associated with students holding full-time jobs.


The Masters in Professional Accountancy (MPA) program is available on the Hattiesburg and Gulf Park campuses.