Honors Students

Honor Students StudyingThe University's Honors Program enrolls some of the "best and brightest" students attending the University of Southern Mississippi. Accounting majors who are enrolled in this program successfully complete all degree requirements and are highly capable of either entering graduate school or launching a successful career into the accounting profession. Accounting faculty will facilitate a smooth working relationship with the Honors College and enable all honors students to complete their program requirements in accounting.

Honors students are required to complete an Honors Thesis requirement and to pass a Comprehensive Exam.

  1. The Comprehensive Exam will be an oral assessment of the student's accounting competencies. The oral nature better allows assessment of the student's communications skills, in addition to the student's critical thinking skills in responding to questions.
  2. The School of Accountancy's graduate faculty will collectively evaluate the student's performance on the Comprehensive Exam. Scheduling this exam should attempt to assure appropriate attendance by the school's graduate faculty.
  3. The exam's question and answer format should be viewed as a dialogue in which faculty can probe and help the student better understand the accounting competency being examined.
  4. The Comprehensive Exam is an opportunity for student-faculty dialogue aimed at revealing student learning.
  5. The evaluation of the merits of the Honors Thesis is the responsibility of the thesis advisor assigned to the student, and not the faculty.
  6. Honors Program Students are enrolled on the Hattiesburg campus. The procedures for administering the comprehensive exam for coast students are evolving and are at the discretion of the Director

The Comprehensive Exam is an opportunity to assess student learning in a collegial atmosphere, so that the faculty can become more effective teachers for these exceptional students. We should celebrate this learning experience.