Internship Program

       Accounting Internships


  • Exposure to the real business world
  • Ability to make more informed career decisions
  • Opportunity to land a permanent job
  • Increased marketability
  • Monetary compensation
  • Assess interests and talents
  • Great way to build confidence
  • Possibility of 6 semester hours of academic credit



Students may gain 12 credit hours during the spring semester in which they participate in the internship program. Students can perform a full-time internship for 6 credit hours during the period January to mid-March and can earn 6 additional credit hours from mid-March until the end of the semester by taking ACC 407 (Gov't and Non-Profit Accounting), and ACC 401 (Advanced). Students who take part in the 6 credit hours internship must plan carefully to remain on course for graduation by taking the needed hours either before or after the internship.

Alternatively, students may earn 3 hours credit for a part-time internship. Under this option, the student will continue to take classes the entire semester and work a minimum of 20 hours per week. Students may earn degree credit for only one internship


  1. Register immediately with Career Services to gain access to Eagle Employment, the online career center, at
  2. Upload a resume to Eagle Employment and select 'YES' to allow employer viewing
  3. Review the job postings and on-campus interview schedules often!
  4. Submit a resume to each interview schedule you wish to apply for by the specified deadline
  5. Upon being selected to interview, sign-up for a specific interview time

For assistance with this process or resume assistance, go to the office of Amy Yeend, Director of Career Services in the College of Business, 2029, Scianna Hall


  • Must be an accounting major
  • Must have attended the School of Accountancy internship orientation during the Fall semester of your Junior year.
  • Have completed ACC 325 and one other upper-level accounting course
  • Have a USM and Major Area of Study GPA of 2.5 or higher

For further information or assistance, contact Valerie Simmons, Internship Coordinator.