Membership Information

Membership in Beta Alpha Psi includes those persons of good moral character who have achieved scholastic and/or professional excellence in the fields of accounting, finance, or information systems, who have been initiated by an existing chapter and who remain in good standing.

Minimum scholastic requirements for undergraduate membership are set forth in the by-laws. Graduate student initiates must have been accepted and matriculated into a master’s degree level program. Individual chapters may establish higher admission criteria.



Beta Alpha Psi is an organization where opportunity is embraced, as evidenced by the wide variety of activities for members.  Its commitment to professional development, networking, and community involvement serves as the foundation on which members gain invaluable skills for their future careers.  These skills, along with the opportunity to interact with faculty, professionals, and peers in a unique and informative way are what set the organization apart and make membership both valuable and rewarding.

There are numerous benefits of membership, including:

  • Development of professional skills and leadership skills
  • Building self-confidence
  • Discovering career opportunities
  • Learning how classroom concepts apply in the professional world
  • Developing relationships with accounting students, faculty, and professionals
  • Networking with accounting firm recruiters, managers, and partners
  • Making a difference in the community through service
  • Traveling to regional and national conferences throughout the United States
  • Being part of an organization that is well-respected by accounting firms
  • Having fun!