MPA Student Testimonials

Choosing the MPA program at USM is a decision that I will never regret! The faculty and staff go above and beyond in helping the students achieve goal after goal. Each faculty member aids in inspiring and building confidence, technical skills, friendships, and connections. After finishing the program and looking back, the amount that I grew as an individual and a professional was a total transformation for the better. I landed my dream job and I couldn’t have done it without the support, the confidence, and the skills that Southern Miss provides.

Blake Pittman
2015 MPA Graduate

Completing my graduate degree from Southern Miss was an excellent way to end my time at the University of Southern Mississippi!  I thoroughly enjoyed the small class size and building relationships with my peers within the MPA program.  My professors cared about my success!  MPA program allowed me to learn about international accounting through a global perspective by studying abroad in London.  The faculty members were well trained and have prepared me academically and professionally to begin my career in Accounting.

Julia Bradley
2014 MPA Graduate

I received my bachelor's degree in accounting at Southern Miss and decided to stay and join the MPA program because of the accounting faculty. The accounting professors truly care about the success of their students. They go above and beyond to help you with your job search and make sure you are ready to enter the professional world. The MPA program helped me to develop the skills I need to have a successful career, and I recommend the program to those looking to receive a master's in accounting.

Ellen Bailey
2014 MPA Graduate

In the MPA program, the professors work closely with the students to provide guidance on finding jobs and to prepare students for the first stages of their career. I am continuously amazed at all the extra time and attention that the faculty devotes to meeting the individual needs of every student. Having recently completed the program and begun work, I can imagine no better way to make the transition from an undergraduate education to a professional life in accounting.

Stan Roberts
2014 MPA Graduate

I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience in Southern Miss' MPA program.  The faculty here is exceptional.  They care about the academic and professional success of their students, going above and beyond to help them both in the classroom and with their job searches.  I cannot imagine having a better experience elsewhere and wholeheartedly recommend the program for anyone interested in a graduate accounting degree.

Anna McLain
2013 MPA Graduate

I will be forever grateful for the time I spent at Southern Miss in the MPA program. I can't imagine having had a staff more deeply rooted in the academic and professional success of its students. The program hosts an exceptional group of professors who all in some way have helped to propel my career to unforeseen heights. I recommend this program and it's staff to any individual interested in an advanced accounting degree.

Travis Brown
2011 MPA Graduate