Business Leadership Program

Business Leadership ProgramOVERVIEW

The Business Leadership Program in the College of Business is designed to provide students with a dynamic learning experience through which students can develop professional and leadership skills that can have tremendous impact on their careers. Accepted students receive special programming that has included guest speakers, book series, leadership and communication training, and plant tours. The program typically includes 15-20 students each year. Key characteristics of the program include:

  • Learning Leadership Strategies by Doing: learning teamwork, effective communication, critical thinking, problem solving, etc. through experiential learning. Fostering an appreciation for self-awareness and development.
  • Real World Application: interaction with professionals, exposure to real business issues, etc.,
  • Broadening Your Horizon: learning to think ten years down the road, thinking about all of the career possibilities, charting your future, thinking globally, etc.
  • Networking and Professional Development: learning what it means to be a professional and building a network of professionals while still a student (peer mentors and professional mentors)
  • Ethics and Social Responsibility: learning the importance of being committed to high ideals and standards of behavior, serving others as individuals and organizations, giving back to your community and customers.

These key characteristics will be developed through a series of activities including, but not limited to:

  • Serving as an ambassador for the College of Business and promote the college positively across the university community.
  • Attending leadership seminars on principle/value-based leadership held both on campus and in corporate headquarters. Seminars may be a combination of faculty led, business professional led, or student led.
  • Completing self-assessment tools to identify leadership, communication, learning styles and areas for improvement.
  • Creating a leadership development plan for each scholar.
  • Reading leadership and self-development books and participating in discussions with faculty and professionals.
  • Creating a speaker series where local, national, and global leaders share insights with scholars.
  • Job shadowing.
  • Taking field trips/company tours to various sites locally and out of state.
  • Attending sponsored meals to learn etiquette and interact with professionals in a social setting
  • Completing Service/Applied Learning/Consulting projects for organizations addressing pressing issues/challenges/projects.
  • Assigning mentors (peer mentors and professional mentors based on interests, career plans, etc.).
  • Participating in executive engagements in order to learn from the lives of executives and leadership experiences.
  • Completing a service project as a class each semester.


Complete the ONLINE APPLICATION and attach the following documents to the online form:

1. Résumé: include honors, awards, student organization memberships, extracurricular activities, and volunteering.

2. Two-page Essay: essay should describe your desire to be a member of the Business Leadership Program and how the experience will impact your educational goals and career plans.