Career Success Plan

Don’t wait until senior year to begin thinking about your career! You should be doing something every year to develop yourself as qualified and competitive job candidate upon graduation.
Freshman Year
  • Assess your strengths, career interests, and personality through inventories and
  • Research various career fields according to your interests and/or major
  • Make a tentative selection of your major
  • Identify and join campus or community organizations related to your career goals
  • Attend class and maintain good study habits
  • Obtain a summer job related to your field of interest
Sophomore Year
  • Make a firm decision about your major
  • Research specialized areas of employment in your chosen field
  • Research key corporations, businesses, and organizations
  • Participate in Career Fairs and other special events
  • Continue participation in extracurricular activities and developing strong relationships with faculty and staff
  • Maintain regular contact with your academic advisor
  • Investigate co-op or internship opportunities
Junior Year
  • Accept leadership roles in student, professional, or other associations
  • Obtain an internship or co-op position related to your career goals
  • Continue to develop strong faculty relationships and good work ethics
  • Develop a personal network of contacts in your field
  • Explore graduate or professional schools
Senior Year
  • Register with Career Services for full-time employment for after graduation
  • Enroll in UNV 310-Introduction to Job Seeking
  • Plan your job search campaign or graduate school selection process
  • Target and research corporations, businesses, and organizations
  • Begin your job search process six months prior to graduation
  • Participate in mock interviews to perfect your interviewing skills
  • Actively participate in Career Fairs, on-campus interviews, and other special events
  • Build your recommendation files with Career Services