Eagle Scholars



This scholarship program provides business students with real-world corporate training, coaching, and professional development opportunities to enhance their education and career preparation.

EAGLE Scholars Program participants receive tuition assistance and stipends to be used for books and/or the opportunity to study abroad. Recipients are selected based on several criteria, including commitment to finish their degree, integrity, work ethic, clear goals for the future, and a willingness to participate in the program. Scholarships are renewable annually and program activities parallel the student's stage in process.

The successful applicant will be majoring in a business discipline at Southern Miss, have a 3.0 gpa or higher, exhibit evidence of a strong work ethic, be able to articulate clear goals for the short and long term, and demonstrate the character and commitment to complete the business degree. Deadline for applications will be February 15 for the following academic year. Applicants submit a completed packet online through the GO system scholarship application process which are then reviewed in a two-stage process before interviews occur for the final selection of program participants.


To apply, students should submit all items by Feb. 15 of each year:

  1. A completed scholarship application 
  2. An essay, no longer than two (2) pages in length that addresses the qualifications for this scholarship. The essay should address the importance of the scholarship for future goals and the applicant’s commitment to the key outcomes for Eagle Scholars of:  goals (commitment to outcomes), leadership (respect & influence), and ethics (integrity, trustworthiness).
  3. Résumé
  4. Letters of recommendation from 2-3 people who speak to the applicant’s work ethic, integrity, commitment, and motivation to complete the degree





The Eagle Scholars Program was established to recognize the importance of integrity and character. Eagle Scholars receive tuition and a book allowance as part of the scholarship package. The program then includes development of leadership skills and a partial scholarship for a study abroad opportunity in Japan or in London.

This scholarship was originally established as a “merit scholarship” and created by Hyler Bracey, his wife, Cass Flagg, and Aubrey Sanford. The intention was and remains to award this scholarship to students who are committed to integrity, willingness to work hard, commitment to finishing a degree, financial need and a strong academic performance.

The Eagle Scholars Program is an endowed fund so that people can contribute to this fund without having to endow a new scholarship or meet minimum requirements. Our hope for the Eagle Scholars Program is that this endowment would grow to a level to support 12 Eagle Scholars in the College of Business. Within the Eagle Scholars’ Program umbrella, there is a central endowed fund which accepts donations of any amount. We are also accepting funds to endow named scholarships which then are awarded as part of the Eagle Scholars’ Program.

All contributions of $1,000 or more can be pledged over a five year period with a minimum pledge payment of 20 percent of the gift being made at the initiation of the pledge. All checks should be made payable to the USM Foundation with the “College of Business Eagle Scholars Endowment Fund” in the memo blank for proper credit. The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and gifts are tax-deductible to the extent of current IRS regulations.


A message from Hyler Bracey, Cass Flagg and Aubrey Sanford:

“We have started this scholarship. If it is going to be significant, it will be because of you and others. You can make a difference in students’ lives by helping fund the College of Business Eagle Scholars Fund. There will be fine students that will be able to stay in college because of your help. Approximately $8,000 funds an annual scholarship and $250,000 will endow one in perpetuity. We have shown our commitment by seeding the scholarship. Please help by contributing to the scholarship and by enrolling others in this worthy cause. Our dream is to raise at least $1 million and with your support, we know we can accomplish this goal!”