Graduate Certificate in Sport Security Management

The 12-hour graduate certificate program is designed to provide the necessary management capabilities needed to meet the safety and security challenges in a sport environment.

The graduate certificate program is ideal for anyone that:

  • Needs to acquire skills quickly to launch a new career,
  • Already holds a bachelor’s degree but seeks to launch a new career not related to that degree, or
  • Needs to meet state or national licensing requirements.

All classes are available online.


Certificate Requirements

Students must have completed a bachelor’s degree and meet the minimum requirement of a 2.75 GPA to enroll in the program. If students choose to pursue the master’s degree in sports management (link to page), they must follow current admission standards for the Sport Management Program and Graduate School.

Program Plan

Required Courses (9 hours)

SM 620 Introduction to Sport Security Management: 3 hrs

SM 626 Threat and Risk Assessment of Sport Venues: 3 hrs

SM 628 Sport Event Emergency Response Planning: 3 hrs

Elective: 3 hrs (any SM graduate course approved by advisor)

Total: 12-hour Graduate Certificate Program


Links of Interest


Program Contact

Dr. Stacey A Hall – Associate Professor, College of Business

Phone: 601.266.6308