M.S. in Sport Management - Emphasis in Sport Event Security Management


The 33-credit hour master’s–level program is designed to equip current and future sports and special event managers and operation directors with the specialization skills and knowledge needed to meet the management capabilities and challenges of safety and security in a sports environment. This program is the first of its kind in the United States.

Program Goals and Objectives

  • Promote sport security awareness and the importance of detecting, deterring, preventing and responding to potential sport event threats
  • Improve capabilities to conduct risk assessments and analyze and mitigate risks
  • Enhance emergency response, evacuation, and recovery operational planning

Plan of Study

Core Courses (24 hours)

  • SM 605: Policy and Governance

The study of governing agency policy formation processes and administrative implementation in amateur and professional sport organizations.

  • SM 612: Financial Management in Sport

Advanced principles and applications of finance and economics in the sport industry

  • SM 630: Socio-Ethical Issues in Sport

Advanced study of such social issues as gender, race and ethnicity, aggression, politics, religion, and class and social mobility within the context of the sport industry.

  • SM 642: Sport Venue and Event Management

This course will provide a practical background in all facets of managing a sports event and facility.

  • SM 676: Trends and Issues in Sport Management

An in depth study and analysis of the athletic profession as it relates to trends and issues surrounding coaching and administrative decision-making.

  • SM 682: Applied Research Methods and Statistics in Sport

Designed to develop correct application of research methods and statistical process control tools for data based decision making relative to continuous improvement in sport management.

  • SM 700: Sport Management Practicum/Internship

The sport management internship is designed for students to gain practical full time work experience in the sports industry. Students will apply theory to practice.

  • SM 715: Sport Marketing and Public Relations

Athletic promotion and fundraising, sponsorship, and marketing.


Emphasis Concentration

  • SM 620: Introduction to Sport Security Management

Introduction to the nature and scope of sport security. Study of Domestic and International threats, natural disasters, and crowd management operation issues in sport.

  • SM 626: Threat and Risk Assessment for Sport Venues

This course provides an overview of the Homeland Security threat and risk assessment methodology as it applies to sports event venue.

  • SM 628: Sport Event Emergency Response Planning

This course provides an overview of emergency response and security plans for major sporting event, including crowd management and crisis management.

Courses are offered online and in a traditional format.


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Program Contact

Dr. Stacey A. Hall - Associate Professor, College of Business

Phone: 601.266.6308

Email: stacey.a.hall@usm.edu