Etiquette Dinner

Why is etiquette important in business?

Whether it is a restaurant or a boardroom, it is very common for business to be conducted over a meal or food of some sort.  You need to be ready, comfortable, and appropriate no matter the situation.  Poor etiquette can be devastating to your reputation and success.  Don’t embarrass yourself in front of a prospective employer or client! 

Benefits of proper etiquette include:

  • Better job prospects since the hiring process often includes at least one meal or networking/social event.
  • It makes a positive impression.
  • Helps develop strong customer and stakeholder relationships.
  • Exudes professionalism which can aid you in obtaining promotions or closing the deal.

Register in the College of Business Career Services Suite located in Scianna Hall room 2025.  A $25 refundable deposit is required when students register. The fee will be refunded the night of the event.   If a student fails to show to the event, they will forfeit their deposit.

There is a limited number of seats for the Etiquette Dinner and it tends to fill up quickly. Don’t wait to register!

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