American Marketing Association

The American Marketing Association (AMA) is the professional association for individuals and organizations who are leading the practice, teaching, and development of marketing worldwide.  The Southern Miss AMA chapter focuses on professional development, community service, and fundraising.  The USM chapter is actively involved in the annual collegiate AMA conference where members learn, compete, and network in a professional marketing environment. In addition, the chapter hosts an annual Pancakes for Parkinson's event to raise funds for the Michael J. Fox Foundation.  As a result, AMA members have the opportunity to gain valuable experience managing finances, people, projects, and deadlines.  Membership is open to all students with an interest in marketing. 


AMA President:  Lauren Elrod (

AMA Vice President:  Brianne Nugent

AMA Vice President of Advertising:  Brittany Burge

AMA Vice President of Communications: Kevin Buckley

AMA Vice President of Finance: Mikel Mangipano

AMA Vice Presidents of Community Service: Dannetta Winters & Chelsea Thomas

AMA Vice President of Fundraising:  Jessica Seymour

AMA Faculty Advisers: