Certificate in Professional Selling

Leading-edge Marketing departments in colleges of business across the country are increasingly developing strong professional selling programs. This enhanced emphasis on professional selling is supported by academics and practitioners for many reasons. One is there is a very high demand for salespeople with a college education. Increasingly companies are hiring college graduates for entry level sales positions. Many companies provide financial support to sales programs while others specifically hire from universities with sales programs. Secondly, there is a great need for professional sales education. Students with a foundation in business, marketing, and sales have an advantage over their peers in the job market.

To meet the increasing demand for specifically educated professional sales personnel, the Department of Marketing and Fashion Merchandising at The University of Southern Mississippi offers an Undergraduate Certificate in Professional Selling.

In order to receive this certificate, one will have to complete the following:

  • MKT 330 – Professional Selling
  • MKT 400 – Advanced Professional Selling (Offered Spring Only)
  • MKT 430 – Sales Management 

Plus one from the following:

  • MKT 370 – Supply Chain Management
  • MKT 380 – Business-to-Business Marketing
  • MKT 444 – Retail Management and Strategy
  • MKT 471 – Marketing in the Healthcare Industry

Or any other course in marketing or related field approved by the Chair.


In order to receive the certificate, students must receive no lower than a “C” and maintain at least a 2.5 GPA in the certificate courses. 

All of the courses listed above currently exist and are taught regularly. The first three courses provide the students with the necessary sales education while the remaining option allows students to tailor the certificate depending on future career goals.

This certificate provides students with the education they need to start and excel in a sales career. The Certificate in Professional Selling is open to all majors and members of the business community that have an interest in developing their selling skills.