Brigitte Burgess, Ph.D.

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs and Assessment

Brigitte Burgess came to The University of Southern Mississippi in 2003. During her time at Southern Miss she has taught merchandising and marketing courses and served as the Merchandising Coordinator from 2007 through 2014. Her teaching interests include retail merchandising, retail accounting and assortment planning and promotional planning and assessment. 

Dr. Burgess' research focuses on consumer behavior in various retail environments and the scholarship of teaching and learning, which aims to improve teaching to positively affect student learning. She actively encourages undergraduate students to conduct and disseminate original research. Since 2005 she has published 24 papers with 32 undergraduate co-authors. 

Selected Publications

Burgess, B. Yaoyuneyong, G., & Gibbs, S. (2014). Gender, self-construal and impulse buying behavior of young Thai consumers. Asian Journal of Business Research, 4(1), 1-15.

Burgess, B. & Yaoyuneyong, G. (2012). Concept mapping as a program assessment tool: Connecting course and program objectives. Family and Consumer Science Research Journal, 40(4), 361-372.

Burgess, B. (2012). Pop-up Retailing: The design, implementation and five year evolution of an experiential learning project. Journal of Marketing Education, 34(4), 284-296. 

Drake, E. & Burgess, B. (2010). Personal preferences of tween shoppers. Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management, 14(4), 624-633.

Burgess, B. (2009). Mapping scholarship of teaching using a multi-dimensional model. Family and Consumer Science Research Journal, 38(1), 86-102.

Burgess, B. & Kaya, N. (2007). Gender differences in student attitude for seating layout in college classrooms. College Student Journal, 41(4), 940-946.

Kaya, N. & Burgess, B. (2007). Territoriality and need for personal space: Seat preferences in different types of classroom arrangements. Environment and Behavior, 39(6), p. 859-876. Available online:

Kaya, N. & Burgess, B. (2005). The relationship between seating arrangement and student behavior in college classrooms. Educational Facility Planner, 40(2), 40-64.

Burgess, B. (2003). A comparison of TV home shoppers based on risk perception. Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management, 7(3), 259-271.

Coley, A. & Burgess, B. (2003). Gender differences in cognitive and affective impulse buying. Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management, 7(3), 282-295.

Kim, S., Burgess, B. and Hathcote, J. (2003). Consumer perceptions of carpet used in pre-schools by geographical region. American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC) Review, 3(9), 23-27. (ISI Journal).

LeHew, M., Burgess, B. & Wesley, S. (2002). Expanding the loyalty concept to include customer preference for a shopping mall. The International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research, 12(3), 225-336. Recipient: Best Paper Award, European Association for Education and Research in Commercial Distribution/American Collegiate Retailing Association.


Professional Affiliations

International Textile and Apparel Association

Honors & Awards

Research Awards

  • Best Paper Award, European Association for Education and Research in Commercial Distribution/American Collegiate Retailing Association, 2001
  • Best Paper Award, International Textiles and Apparel Association, 2007

Service Award

  • Business Advisory Council Service Award, College of Business, USM, 2010-2011

Teaching Awards

  • Excellence in University Teaching Award, 2010

Other Awards and Honors

  • Honorary Lady Eagles Basketball Coach, USM, 2011, 2013
  • University Teaching Forum Leader, USM, 2013-1014