Proctored Exams


The College of Business Testing Center offers proctored exams for College of Business classes only.  For all non-business classes (except Certiport), students must contact The Office of Online Learning for proctoring information.  

We do not administer any of the National Exams such as the PRAXIS, GRE, TOEFL, GMAT, etc. Students must contact the testing provider directly.

Two options for taking exams 


Take the test on the Hattiesburg campus in the Scianna Hall Testing Center (room 2046) on the scheduled day during the center hours.  No appointment is necessary, but you will need a student ID.  You must also show up with enough time to take your exam before the center closes (do not show up 30 minutes before the Center closes and expect the full time for an exam).  The exams will be administered online through Canvas. If you are unable to take the exams on the Hattiesburg campus on the scheduled days, you MUST obtain a proctor (see Option 2 below).


A proctor is someone you find to administer the test to you. They may be a testing center at a local community college or university or someone else who is in an approved academic setting. You and your proctor determine when and where your test will be administered to you.  If you need to obtain a proctor, start with The Office of Online Learning

IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT PROCTORING, you must go to the Online Learning website or call them directly.  Instructors DO NOT handle any aspect of the proctoring process and CAN NOT answer your questions. 

** Appointments are necessary.  Do not wait until the day before the exam is due to schedule your exam. There are deadlines for scheduling a proctored exam, so it is advisable to do all required procedures as soon as possible.



For further information, please contact Mr. Browning at