Prospective Undergraduates


All new undergraduate students (freshman and transfer) are required to attend a new student orientation.  It is during orientation when students receive their course schedule and register for the upcoming semester's courses. Students must register for orientation through the Office of Admissions.

In order for you to have the best possible orientation experience, the College of Business recommends the following:

  1. Register for the earliest possible orientation session.  Keep in mind that current USM students typically register for classes a few months prior to the start of orientation.  The later orientation session you attend, the less chance you have of securing a "perfect" schedule.
  2. Come prepared with knowledge about your degree program.  The more you know about your career aspirations, the more informed decisions you will be able to make about the type of major you would like to pursue.
  3. TRANSFER STUDENTS: Be sure that you submit your final, official transcript to USM Admissions well in advance of your orientation session.  This will make registering for our upper-division courses much simpler because you will not run into registration errors for missing requisite courses.  The sooner you can send your transcript, the better!  It can take admissions quite a while before they can get to posting your transcript to your USM account.


In addition to completing an application for admission, all transfer students must submit their final, official transcripts to the Office of Admissions.

In order to view course equivalencies, all transfer students are encouraged to use the Mississippi Articulation & Transfer Tool (MATT) to see which Junior College courses apply to specific degree programs at The University of Southern Mississippi.

Once admitted, students must register for orientation through the Office of Admissions.


The College of Business does NOT require our students to also declare a minor.  However, we encourage students to seek out minors that will elevate their skill set, which will give them an advantage during the job search process.


The University of Southern Mississippi requires a minimum of 30 hours to qualify for a second degree.  However, students may be required to take more hours in order to meet prerequisite requirements for our upper-division courses.  Once admitted to the university, post-baccalaureate students are encouraged to make an appointment with a College of Business advisor in order to plan exact course requirements.


Students who have sat out for a number of semesters for whatever reason and are wanting to return to finish their degree program must first be readmitted to USM.  Students can contact the Office of Admissions to get this process started.  Once Admissions has approved the readmission, students will need to make an advising appointment with Academic Services.