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Typically, each Academic College offers its own scholarships – separate from Admissions or Financial Aid scholarships – which funds are made available by private donors.  These private scholarships are managed through the USM Foundation.

You no longer have to search through long lists of scholarship funds and criteria to apply for scholarships separately. The USM Foundation uses a scholarship matching system that can suggest scholarships for you based on your qualifying responses on the application.  What's even better, if you are double majoring in a major outside of the College of Business & Economic Development, your search for scholarships in your other major has gotten even easier!  You will automatically be considered for all scholarships for which you are eligible based on one application!  Keep in mind, some scholarships are very competitive and may require additional information before they can be awarded.

  • The College of Business & Economic Development Scholarships are separate from Admissions or Financial Aid scholarships.  The College of Business & Economic Development awards these scholarships annually and must be applied for each year. Due to a high demand, late applications will not be accepted.
  • Letters of recommendation should come from previous professors, high school teachers, and employers.  Anyone who is a professional in their field with whom you have interacted with and can provide you a positive letter.
  • Essays should be double-spaced, with one-inch margins, 12 pt. font (Arial or Times).

To apply, please scroll down to the SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION section of this page.

If you would like general information on Freshman or Transfer scholarships, please see:




Scholarship deadlines are listed on the GO website.






  • Eligibility requirements vary by scholarship—see specific scholarship description
  • Full-time students (12+ semester hours)
  • Awarded annually based on funds available
  • For those scholarships requiring “financial need,” the applicant must file the FAFSA with Financial Aid to be considered.
  • Scholarships are awarded in two separate semesters—half in the fall and half in the spring term. If you are awarded a scholarship and graduate during the fall semester, you will only be awarded half the scholarship.



If you have further questions, please contact the Assistant Dean for Academic Services:

Ms. Amy Yeend

P: 601.266.466


Scianna Hall 2035


For more specific scholarship information, please visit the Office of Undergraduate Scholarships website, which was established in Fall 2016 to provide a hub for scholarship information and support prospective and current undergraduate students at The University of Southern Mississippi.