Undergraduate Degrees

Aside from choosing a college or university, deciding on a major is the most important decision you will make on your academic journey.  Fortunately, the College of Business has a number of options, making your map to the future a little clearer.

Note: The links below are not hosted within the College of Business website and will open in a new window. These links provide an overview of the degree and the Learning Outcomes/Objectives of each.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) Degree Programs

Accounting (BSBA) | Degree Plan

Southern Miss' School of Accountancy holds separate accreditation by AACSB International, which places our program in a very small group of the best accounting programs in the country.  The BSBA and MPA programs are designed to prepare today's accounting graduates for both the challenges and opportunities that await them in an accounting career.
  • Accountants examine, analyze and interpret accounting records to prepare financial statements, give advice, or audit and evaluate statements prepared by others. You’ll learn to understand the inner workings of business and provide useful information for the decisions that make organizations run as efficiently and profitably as possible.
  • Career opportunities include public accounting, governmental accounting, forensic accounting, tax accounting, and managerial accounting.
  • Available on Hattiesburg and Gulf Park campuses
  • For more information, visit the School of Accountancy Web site at: www.usm.edu/business/accounting

Business Administration (BSBA) - Entrepreneurship | Degree Plan

  • Provides students with the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to develop, market, and manage their own business.  At the core of this emphasis is the process of entrepreneurial discovery, evaluation, and exploitation of business opportunities
  • Career opportunities include business ownership, small business consulting, leadership and management development programs, sales management, general consulting and supervisory positions.

Business Administration (BSBA) - General Business (also offered fully online) | Degree Plan

The general business emphasis is a broad degree preparing students for careers in a wide range of business settings. This emphasis is appropriate for students who wish to obtain a business degree but who do not wish to specialize in a specific area of emphasis. The general business emphasis also allows students the most flexibility to custom design their program of study.

  • Gives students the ability to build their own emphases, with options in accounting, finance, international business, management, and marketing, to name a few.
  • Students still take the Business Core, plus 21 hours of 300/400-level business courses in the previously mentioned areas.
  • This degree is currently also available fully online.

Finance (BSBA) | Degree Plan

  • Students are given education in theory, tools of analysis and problem-solving techniques fundamental to firms operating in the finance, real estate, and financial service industries. Emphasis choices in finance are banking and finance, personal financial planning, and real estate.
  • Career opportunities include banks and other financial institutions, securities firms, property management, and financing.

Healthcare Marketing (BSBA) | Degree Plan

Healthcare marketing is a highly specialized program designed to prepare you for a career in the marketing end of the healthcare industry. Ours is the only program in Mississippi and one of only a few in the entire country. The program provides real-world field experiences that challenge students to be the most innovative and competitive job-seekers in today's markets. "Field experience" classes give students the chance to put knowledge into practice and begin building relationships with companies and customers within the thriving local healthcare community.
  • The program's curriculum challenges its students with courses in biology, anatomy and physiology, chemistry, sales marketing and planning, product knowledge, account/territory management, business ethics, and company policies/procedures, to name a few.
  • Career opportunities include pharmaceutical sales, pharmaceutical marketing, medical device sales, medical supplies sales, and hospital and physician practice marketing.
  • Get ready for a successful career in the booming healthcare industry in our elite program with extra benefits funded by a special endowment.
International Business (BSBA) | Degree Plan
  • Prepares students for positions with international business firms operating in the global environment and state and federal agencies involved in facilitating the import-export process.
  • In addition to the international business courses in the major, students are expected to participate in one international semester abroad and are required to study a foreign language to enhance sensitivity to foreign culture, language, and international business acumen.
Management (BSBA) | Degree Plan
  • A management degree prepares you for leadership success in many career fields in the private, public and nonprofit sectors. You’ll develop managerial skills in goal selection and planning, assigning tasks, delegating authority, allocating resources, motivating employees and monitoring activities and outcomes.
Marketing (BSBA) | Degree Plan
  • Marketing is a broad discipline that covers a range of areas, including brand management, sales, marketing research and more. Students in the marketing program work with real businesses to develop marketing solutions and strategies. This hands-on approach prepares students for career success.
  • We prepare students to be sales representatives, new product development managers, brand managers, market research specialists, and many other career tracks.
  • In the past few years, we have placed students all over the country working for organizations like Pfizer, the New Orleans Saints, Hattiesburg Clinic, Buckle, Wells Fargo, R.J. Young, and Cintas.
  • Also available on the Gulf Park Campus.
Merchandising (BSBA) (Formerly Fashion Merchandising)| Degree Plan
  • Offers students the opportunity to pursue careers in the production, marketing, and merchandising of textile and apparel products.
  • Our major is one of fewer than five in the country that is housed within a college of business, and majors graduate with an excellent foundation in business, as well as coursework and hands-on training in many aspects of retailing and merchandising.
  • Study tours, internships, fashion shows and service-earning provide students with real-world experience while still in school.
  • Career opportunities include merchandise buyer, product design/development, showroom executive, consumer journalist, wholesale account executive, store operating manager, special events planner/coordinator, trend forecaster, and private label coordinator, to name a few...
  • Some recent graduates have started their career with Saks, Disney, Buckle, Macy's, and Abercrombie & Fitch.
Sport Management (BSBA) | Degree Plan
  • The University of Southern Mississippi (USM) Sport Management program prepares students for management and leadership positions with professional sport teams, intercollegiate and interscholastic athletics, university recreation programs, and amateur athletic organizations.
  • Sport management courses include marketing, sales, financial planning, venue and event management, security and legal issues, and leadership principles.
  • The USM Sport Management program is nationally and internationally recognized throughout the academic and industry communities. Our faculty have experience in international sport and education, and have worked with organizations such as the NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA, MLS, PGA, NASCAR, and FIFA. Our program also offers credit-earning study abroad opportunities in the United Kingdom, Asia, and South America.
Hospitality and Tourism Management (BSBA) | Degree Plan
  • Southern Miss was the first university in the state of Mississippi officially designated by the state Institutes of Higher Learning to offer this major, and even today is one of very few with the program.  The department was founded in the mid-1960s, and over the years has build a strong reputation as the place to come for a hospitality degree
  • The Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTM) program cultivates students’ professional skills and operational capabilities in the areas of hospitality and tourism. Students are prepared for careers with managerial positions at the regional and national levels to lead the hospitality and tourism industry. The HTM program also provides a sound background for students who plan to pursue graduate studies.


Certificate Programs

(Students must declare a certificate program just as they would a new major.)
Apparel Construction Design Certificate  | Certificate Requirements
  • The Certificate Program in Apparel Construction and Design is a joint offering from the Department of Theatre and the Department of Marketing and Merchandising, and gives students the opportunity to study apparel creation through the initial design phase all the way through to marketing. Along the way, students will learn about the history of apparel through the ages and how society affects consumer behavior. The certificate program offers a rich, complex 360º view of the ways in which apparel makes its way from one person's great idea to the closets of millions of people.
Certificate in Professional Selling  | Certificate Requirements
  • To meet the increasing demand for specifically educated professional sales personnel, the Department of Marketing and Merchandising at The University of Southern Mississippi offers an Undergraduate Certificate in Professional Selling.
Casino Management Certificate  | Certificate Requirements
  • The goal of the Casino Management Certificate is to develop proficiencies in casino resort operations management. The certificate program is designed for business/non-major students interested in casino resort management careers, gaming professionals seeking professional development opportunities, hospitality and tourism professionals, and educators seeking to re-skill and expand their knowledge in casino resort management. Certification course credits can be applied toward the B.S.B.A. in Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTM), business electives for the General Business Administration major, and electives for other College of Business degree programs.