Writing Assistance


Writing assistance in the BASE is available for BUSINESS CLASSES ONLY. We offer assistance for students at any stage during the writing process including:

  • Grasping the assignment and what it requires
  • Understanding how their own writing is working or isn’t working
  • Learning strategies for writing tasks (how to brainstorm, outline, organize, etc.)
  • Practicing revision strategies


Sessions typically range from 30-45 minutes and are available by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, please call 601.266.6139 or come by the BASE Center. Keep in mind that we often book up in advance, so we strongly encourage students to make an appointment several days before the assignment is due.

NoticeWe require that appointments be made to work on an assignment at least one business day prior to its due date. Our primary goal is to help students improve their writing. Often instructors will ask students to visit the BASE center for an assignment, and doing so on the same day that the assignment is due does not allow sufficient time to improve your paper. 

One misconception about writing assistance in the BASE Center is that it is primarily a proofreading service or that it is a one stop shop  to “clean up” student papers.  Our goal is to empower students to write effectively without our intervention and merely proofreading students’ papers for them would be counter to this aim.  However, we do work with students on recognizing and correcting patterns of error in their own work, which enables them to successfully address grammar problems on their own.



  • Plan to meet for 45 minutes. Even if you don’t think you’ll need that much time, you should give yourself the entire session since you may need more time than you think. Keep in mind that it’s better to have too much time than not enough!
  • Be on time!  You'll want to take advantage of the full session.  We will hold your appointment for 15 minutes; after that time, you will have to reschedule your appointment.
  • Bring related materials such as the writing assignment guidelines from the instructor and the course syllabus. If you have other materials, such as an outline or a draft, bring those as well.




To receive writing assistance for non-business courses, please schedule an appointment with the Southern Miss Writing Center. For more information, visit the Writing Center website at http://www.usm.edu/writing-center.