War & Society Roundtable: Dennis Cowles

War & Society Roundtable: Dennis Cowles

February 13, 2018 - 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Hattiesburg Public Library
Free and open to the public

War & Society Roundtable: Cowles

About Fighting Over the Founders:

"As the nation’s founding moment, the American Revolution serves as a source of powerful founding myths, and remains the most accessible and most contested event in U.S. history: more than any other, it stands as a proxy for how Americans perceive the nation’s aspirations. Americans’ increased fascination with the Revolution over the past two decades represents more than interest in the past. It’s also a site to work out the present, and the future. What are we using the Revolution to debate?
"In Fighting over the Founders, Andrew M. Schocket explores how politicians, screenwriters, activists, biographers, jurists, museum professionals, and reenactors portray the American Revolution." - Amazon.com

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