Caribbean Studies Program Informational Meeting

Study Abroad in Jamaica!

Caribbean Studies Program Informational Meeting

October 18, 2012 - 12:15pm - 12:50pm
Thad Cochran Center 216
Office of International Programs 601.266.4344

What?  Let's talk about studying abroad in Jamaica!
Why?  If you are asking yourself this question, you need to be there!

But in short, because:

  • It's fun - duh!
  • You'll never forget the experience.
  • You'll learn by actually living what you study.
  • It will set you apart from competitors in the job search and/or applying to graduate school.
  • It's open to all majors.
  • Financial Aid can be applied to the cost.
  • Why not?

Don't rule study abroad out of your future if you haven't really looked in to it yet. (You know who you are, come see us!)