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Intramural Sports Program



All Intramural participants are responsible for their own medical expenses. Any participant unsure of his/her physical condition should check with their physician or the University Clinic before participating in an Intramural Sports contest.

Teams are responsible for keeping their spectators under control. Misconduct of participants, coaches or spectators can result in an unsportsmanlike penalty, ejection or forfeiture of the game. Team Captains will be held responsible for spectator, team and sideline misconduct.  Two ejections from any contest will result in an automatic forfeiture.

Intramural Staff are in absolute control of the game.  Scorekeepers and Supervisors shall have the power to make decisions on all matters and questions not specifically covered in the rules.


Eligibility and Roster Information

A current Southern Miss I.D. must be presented to the supervisor at game time.       


Teams must have a minimum of 4 players to start a game.  A full team is 6 players.


Participants cannot wear any jewelry during the game.  The only exception is properly-secured medical alert jewelry. 

Every Participant must wear proper athletic attire, including athletic footwear, no open-toed shoes may be worn and players cannot play barefoot

Forfeit Policy

If a team fails to appear with the required minimum number of players, ready to play, at the scheduled location at the scheduled start of the game, a member of the Intramural Sports Staff will declare the contest a forfeit.  Teams that forfeit will receive a ‘C’ for sportsmanship and will be required to pay $15 to the Recreational Sports Office prior to the registration of any other intramural sports teams.  Teams are only allowed one forfeit per sport per season.  If a team forfeits twice, it will be removed from the league for the remainder of the season.

Default Policy

If a team knows that they will be unable to play a scheduled game, the Team Captain must contact the Intramural Sports Office by 12:00 PM the day of the contest to declare a default.  The defaulting team will receive a loss and a ‘B’ for sportsmanship.  There is no re-entry fee for a default.  Teams will be allowed one default per sport; upon the second default, teams will be removed from the league. 




  • Teams will have 25 minutes to play as many games as possible. The team that wins the most games when time expires shall be the winner.
  • Game will be played within the boundaries of a regulation basketball court.


Ways to win:

  • Eliminate the entire opposing team.
  • Have more active players on the court when time expires.
  • Games in progress when the 25-minute time limit is reached will be completed through an instant overtime format, if the outcome of the game would tie the overall score or win the match for a team. In other cases (when a team leads by two or more games at the time limit), the game will not be completed and the match will be ended.
  • In the event of a tie, a sudden death overtime game will occur.  Teams will start a new game with all six players and the first team to have a player get out will be the looser of the match.  



  • Three balls will be placed on both sides of the court at the volleyball ten foot line.  All team members must stand beyond the baseline of their side of the basketball court.  When the whistle is blown, players are allowed to go anywhere on their side of the court, but must stay in-bounds. Once the game begins, all six balls are in play for both teams.
  • A player shall be out for the following:
    • Contacting any part of the court beyond the center line.  Contacting the center line is legal. Exception: Reaching over the center line to grab a ball, provided that the player never contacts any part of the court on the opponent’s side of the center line, is legal.
    • Contacting any part of the court out-of-bounds.  Exception: Travelling out-of-bounds to retrieve a ball, provided that the player does not travel out-of-bounds to avoid a thrown ball, is legal.
    • Being hit by a legally thrown ball from the opponent’s court before it hits the ground, wall, basketball goal, or curtain.  Any player or players contacted by a live ball in this manner shall be out.
      • A thrown ball that hits one opponent then contacts another opponent before contacting the ground, wall, basketball goal, or curtain results in both opponents being eliminated.
      • If a player is hit in the head, the player is still out.
      • A thrown ball that hits an opponent then is caught by another opponent before the ball contacts the ground, wall, basketball goal, or curtain will result in only the thrower being eliminated.
      • Attempting and failing to catch a thrown ball, provided that the player comes into contact with the thrown ball before it hits the ground.
      • A thrown ball is caught in the air by an opponent; the thrower is out.  The catching player’s team will be allowed to re-enter a player in the order they were eliminated.
      • Using a ball as a shield to deflect an opponent’s thrown ball is legal as long as the ball does not contact the player with the ball.
        • If a thrown ball is blocked by a ball in possession of an opponent and the opponent’s ball is dropped, the player is NOT eliminated.  The ball must contact the player.
        • If a thrown ball is blocked by a ball in possession of an opponent and the thrown ball is deflected into another player, the player who the ball contacted is out.
        • If a thrown ball is blocked by a ball in possession of an opponent and the thrown ball is then caught by the non throwing team, the thrower is out.
        • Intentionally kicking a ball in an attempt to hit an opponent.
        • Once out players must immediately leave the playing area.  Acting as a temporary shield or not leaving the playing area immediately will result in a teammate being eliminated.


Stalling and 5-Second Violations

  • The trailing team must be given the opportunity to eliminate the leading team’s players.
  • There shall be no stalling by the leading team to keep the trailing team from this opportunity.
  • The leading team may not collect and hold all of the dodgeballs to keep them from the opposition.
  • The officials will call a stall and begin a 5-second count when no balls are at the disposal of the trailing team and no play has been made by the leading team. 
  • Before the end of the 5-second count, a ball must be put at the disposal of the trailing team by attacking, throwing or rolling it to their side of the court.  Throwing a ball over and beyond the end-line or sitting a ball over the center line would not be included.
  • 5-second violation penalties
    • First violation - stoppage of play and the balls evenly divided between the two teams.  Play begins again with all players on their respective baselines.
    • Second violation – a player from the violating team will be eliminated.

Co-Rec Clarifications

  • The game shall be played between 2 teams of 6 players, 3 men and 3 women.  A team must have at least 4 players (2 men and 2 women) to start and continue a game.













Recreational Sports Website:

Intramural Sports Office: 601.266.5409

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