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Campus Recreation



The Southern Miss Campus Recreation staff invites you to participate in an action-packed competitive intramural sports program. More than 40 activities are offered, featuring team and individual/dual competition. The goals of Campus Recreation are to be as diverse as possible, offering each student the opportunity to participate, regardless of ability.

How to Make a Team

A team could be your group of friends, residence hall, fraternity, sorority, or group from your academic major. Teams can be made up of faculty, staff, students, or any combination of these groups. Once you have selected your team, it is recommended to select a team captain. This person will be responsible for attending captains' meetings and will be the contact person for intramural sports staff. Once your team is created all you have to do it sign up for whatever sport is in season at the time.

Once you have formed your team you have the option to compete in all intramural sports as this team and will then be eligible to compete for the Campus Cup Championship. In order to compete for the Campus Cup Championship as an independent team you must register your team with Intramural Sports office at 601.266.5405.

How to Enter

Check the official Campus Recreation bulletin boards located outside the Campus Rec office in the Payne Center (Room 101) and Intramural Sports Complex for information pertaining to entry dates and schedules for all activities. Additionally, check out the Fall Intramural Schedule.

Team entries will be accepted via online registration using the IM Online program. If you have any questions regarding team registrations, please contact the Campus Recreation office at 601.266.5405. Check the Sports Lineup for dates and times of the sport entries. All individual and dual sports registration will take place on-site at the event. Each participant must present a Southern Miss ID card and fill out the proper entry form in order to play.

Individuals desiring to play in a team sport but who are not affiliated with any organization may also register by placing his or her name on the Free Agent board. Team captains who are short a player or two are encouraged to draft players from the free-agent board.

How to Organize

If you want to compete as an organization (Fraternities, sororities, residence halls and independent) you should choose a captain or chair to be in charge of intramurals. There are captains' meetings at the start of each semester as announced on the Campus Recreation bulletin boards. At these meetings, captains will be given information to pass on tot he other members of their organizations.

Assumption of Risk

Individuals are encouraged to have a physical examination and obtain adequate health and accident insurance PRIOR TO PARTICIPATION in Campus Recreation activities. Individuals who participate in Recreational Sports will be doing so at their own risk. The University of Southern Mississippi is not responsible for any injury that may occur to an individual participating in any Recreational Sports activity. Participation in Recreational Sports is on a voluntary basis. Student health and accident insurance may be obtained at the university clinic.

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