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Section 10: Sportsmanship

Article 1: Sportsmanlike Conduct

A part of the philosophy of the Intramural Sports program is that good sportsmanship is vital to every Intramural Sports contest. In order to encourage proper conduct during games, officials, supervisors and administrative personnel shall make decisions to warn, penalize or eject players, teams and spectators for poor sportsmanship. These decisions are final. In addition, the Intramural Sports program has adopted a sportsmanship code and rating system in order to improve sportsmanlike behavior in Intramural Sports contests.  The following rules of sportsmanship will be enforced. 

Article 2: Sportsmanship Rating System

A sportsmanship rating will be given to teams after each contest by the Intramural Sports supervisor and officials. These ratings reflect behavior before, during and after the contest.

Article 3: Sportsmanship Scale

A (4.0)

Excellent Conduct and Sportsmanship

Players cooperate with the intramural staff officials and other team members. The captain calmly converses with the intramural staff and officials about interpretations and calls. The captain also has full control of his or her teammates and spectators.

B (3.0)

Good Conduct and Sportsmanship

Team members complain about some decisions made by intramural staff or officials or show minor dissension which may or may not receive an unsportsmanlike penalty (technical foul, yellow card). Teams that receive one unsportsmanlike penalty will receive no higher than a "B" rating.

C (2.0)

Average Conduct and Sportsmanship

Team shows verbal dissent towards intramural staff, officials or the opposing team, which may or may not receive an unsportsmanlike penalty (technical foul, yellow card). Captains exhibits minor control over his or her teammates and spectators. Teams that receive two unsportsmanlike penalties will receive no higher than a "C" rating.

D (1.0)

 Below Average Conduct and Sportsmanship

Teams constantly commenting to the intramural staff, officials or opposing team from the field or sidelines. The team captain exhibits little or no control over teammates, him or herself and spectators. Teams receiving more than two unsportsmanlike penalties or having a player ejected due to unsportsmanlike conduct will receive no higher than a "D" rating.

F (0.0)

 Poor Conduct and Sportsmanship

Team is completely uncooperative. Captain has no control over teammates or him or herself. Any team causing a game to be forfeited by result of unsportsmanlike behavior, having multiple unsportsmanlike penalties, and/or having more than one player ejected will receive an "F" rating.


NOTE: For any non-forfeit "F" rating the team captain will be brought in to discuss actions with the Intramural Sports Coordinator before the team is allowed to participate in any Intramural Sports activity.  For any grade "D" or below the Intramural Sports Coordinator may drop the team from the league if felt necessary.

Article 4: Post-Season Sportsmanship

Once bracket play has begun, a team must maintain a “B” rating to continue in the tournament.  Any team that receives a non-forfeit “F” rating will automatically be suspended until the team captain meets with the Intramural Sports coordinator prior to participating in any additional Intramural Sports contests.

Article 5: Sportsmanship Ratings for Defaults, Forfeits and Cancelations

If a game is canceled and not rescheduled due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances, both teams will receive an “A” rating.

  • A team winning a game by forfeit or default will receive an “A” rating.
  • A team that defaults a game will receive a “B” rating.
  • A team that forfeits a game will receive a “C” rating.

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