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Campus Recreation

Section 2: About Intramurals

Article 1: Program Objectives

The Southern Miss Campus Recreation staff invites you to participate in a fun, action-packed Intramural Sports program. More than 40 activities are offered, featuring team and individual/dual competitions. The goal of Recreational Sports is to be diverse and to offer each student the opportunity to participate, regardless of ability.

Article 2: Participation

The Intramural Sports program is recreational in nature. It attempts to match equally skilled teams and individuals so that all participants can enjoy the opportunity to participate. Intramural Sports are offered so the campus community has the opportunity to recreate and have fun in an organized, structured and safe environment. Team and individual competition will take place in the following divisions: fraternity, men’s independent, sorority, women’s independent or co-recreational.

Article 3: Assumption of Risk Statement

Participants are encouraged to have a physical examination and obtain adequate insurance prior to participation in Campus Recreation activities. Individuals who participate in Campus Recreation activities will be doing so at their own risk. Participation in Campus Recreation activities is voluntary, and The University of Southern Mississippi is not responsible for any injury that may occur to participants. Student health and accident insurance information may be obtained through Student Health Services (601.266.5390).

Article 4: Photo Disclaimer

The Campus Recreation department may photograph or videotape participants and use these items in promotional materials. If you choose not to be photographed or filmed, please notify the staff. 

Article 5: Intramural Sports Staff

Mark Crager, director of Campus Recreation, received a Bachelor of Science in sport administration at The University of Southern Mississippi. He also received a Master of Science in sport administration from Mississippi State University. He is responsible for all programs within Southern Miss Campus Recreation.

Shawn Clark, assistant director of Intramural and Club Sports, received a Bachelor of Arts in social studies education from the University of Southern Mississippi. He also received a Master of Science in sport management from The University of Nebraska-Kearney. Shawn is responsible for the daily operations of the Intramural and Sport Club programs. 

David Calhoun, graduate assistant for Intramural and Club Sports, received a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts in history and international affairs at Florida State University.  David is pursuing a Master of Business in administration and sport management while at The University of Southern Mississippi.  David assists with the daily operations of the Intramural Sports and Club Sports programs. 

Intramural Sports supervisors, representatives of Campus Recreation, oversee the nightly administration of the Intramural Sports program. They are responsible for upholding Intramural Sports policies and procedures, as well as providing risk management and overseeing officials and scorekeepers.

Intramural officials and scorekeepers are responsible for overall game management and rules knowledge for Intramural Sports contests. In coordination with Intramural Sports supervisors, they are representatives of Campus Recreation and are responsible for the nightly administration of the Intramural Sports program.

Article 6: Employment

Intramural Sports is a student-run program that actively recruits students as officials, scorekeepers and supervisors. No experience is required, and we provide all training necessary. We work with your schedule so that you can work, play and attend class.  Interested individuals must attend officials’ clinics at the beginning of each sport.

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