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Campus Recreation

Section 4: Scheduling

Article 1: League Sports

Major team sports are scheduled in to leagues based on level of competition and organizational affiliation.  Leagues consist of a regular season followed by a single elimination tournament. The size of each league is determined by the number of teams registered.  Leagues may be combined based on the number of teams.

Article 2: Divisions

Each league consists of divisions which correspond with a specific time of play. There are a limited number of team spots in each division, so register early. 

Article 3: Tournament Sports

Individual/dual and various team sports are scheduled into tournaments based on the level of competition. Based on the activity, teams will be placed in a single or double elimination bracket that will be posted online. Tournament schedules and structure will be based on number of teams, facilities available.

Article 4: Major Sports

Major sports include, basketball, flag football, soccer, softball, and volleyball.

Article 5: Minor Sports

Minor sports include, 3-on-3 basketball, 4-on-4 flag football, bowling, dodgeball, battleship, pool volleyball, kickball, sand volleyball, ultimate frisbee, wallyball, Wiffle ball and battleship.

Article 6: Individual/Dual Sports

Individual sports include tennis, badminton, racquetball, air hockey, billiards, corn-hole, N-64 Mario Kart and Smash Brothers, 5K runs and track and field.

Article 7: Levels of Competition

Two divisions within the Independent and Fraternity divisions will be offered:  

“A” Division – higher skill level
“B” Division – intermediate skill level

Article 8: Rescheduling Games

A scheduled contest may be rescheduled only through the agreement of both teams and the Intramural Sports coordinator who must be notified in person 72 hours prior to the scheduled game.  Tournament games must be played as scheduled.

Article 9: Inclement Weather

During inclement weather, intramural sports activities may be delayed, postponed or canceled.  The intramural sports staff will make every reasonable effort to inform participants of cancellations.  Participants can call the weather hotline 601-266-7321 to check the status of their game(s).

If at any point during the contest there is a lightning strike and thunder clap separated by less than 30 seconds, games will be immediately halted and fields must be evacuated.  These games will be cancelled if they have not reached the minimum requirement for an official game (if they have, the games will be recorded as they stand).

Article 10: Rescheduling due to Weather

Games cancelled due to poor field or weather related conditions will be rescheduled at the discretion of the Intramural Sports coordinator. If the game cannot be rescheduled, the game will be recorded as no contest, meaning the game will be removed from team results, and neither team will receive a win or a loss. 


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