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Campus Recreation

Section 5: Registration

Article 1: Online Registration

In order to add a team, join a team, or sign up as a free agent, you must first register online at

Article 2: New Participants

1.    Click on Create an Account in the right-hand corner of the page.

2.    Fill in all requested information.

3.    Click on the Sign Up button at the bottom of the page.

4.    You should be signed in. If not, click on Sign In at the top right corner of the page and fill out your information.

Article 3: Returning Participant

For returning participants, and follow the directions below:

1.    Click on the Sign In link at the top right-hand corner of the page and enter your information.

2.    Click on the Sports tab.

Article 4: To Create a Team

1.    Click on the icon labeled Create a Team.

2.    Click on the division within the proper league and enter your team name and password.  You need to enter a password to enter a team. 

3.    Click Add Team.

4.    You will then be shown the teams for which you are a captain.                             

Article 5: To Join a Team

1.    Click on the icon labeled Join a Team.

2.    You can either search for the team through the leagues and divisions, or you can find the team name in the dropdown menu.

3.    You will need to enter the team password to add yourself to the team. Enter the team password, and click on Join Team.

Article 6: Free Agency

1.    Click on Free Agency in User Links.

2.    Click on the icon labeled Set Free Agent Status for any sport listed under Sports Open for Free Agent Sign-Ups.

3.    To add to the list for a specific league or division, either click on the plus sign next to the listing, or choose from the options listed on the right.

4.    To cancel any request, click on the minus sign.

5.    Click Add Free Agent Request.

Article 7: Team Roster

In order for an individual to be considered eligible for Intramural Sports competition, his or her name and Southern Miss ID number must appear on the team roster. 

Article 8: Competing on Two Teams

Participants may only compete on one single-sex team and one coed team per sport. Therefore, a male participant may not play on a men’s independent team and a men’s fraternity team. 

Article 9: Signed into the Team Roster

Once a player has signed into the team roster, they are considered to have played for that team and may not switch rosters or play for another team.  Participants may only transfer rosters if they have never signed in with the team on whose roster their name originally appears.

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